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Jaime Wilson, well known lamp designer in La Romana and Marc Olivier, owner of Teck Imported Furniture, have collaborated with a number of low income women in La Romana in a project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, “Lámparas Artesanales,” which currently has an exhibition up in La Aldea Cultural until June 28th.

This project, created by Jaime Wilson, won a contest a few years back where they were granted sponsorship by the Ministry of Culture for its vision to provide low-income women with employment in the manufacturing of lamps and other functional objects. They are trained by several instructors in the specialization of various crafts, such as architecture, carpentry, blacksmithing, and artistry. The goal of this project is for these women to be able to enter into the marketplace with their own products, generating a socioeconomic impact that will also benefit the region.

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It is truly amazing what can be achieved when you provided a person with the knowledge and tools to grow and be an asset to themselves and society. This beautiful and incredible exhibition is the result of 20 women who are presenting their pieces to the general public. The exhibition opened on June 11th and will end on the 28th of this month. “Lámparas Artesanales” has received the participation and full support of Marc Olivier, who provides his clients with quality imported furniture that can be found in some of the nicest homes in Casa de Campo, La Romana, Santo Domingo and beyond.

All the pieces displayed in the exhibition are for sale, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit , please do so! They are absolutely breathtaking; plus, you are able to order customized pieces according to your tastes and needs. Find out more about this project by contacting Jaime Wilson, La Aldea Cultural, or Martha Richardson who is the Director of the Villas Division here in Casa de Campo. View the contact details below.

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The following collection of photos are provided by Jaime Wilson, creator of the “Lámparas Artesanales” project that are on display until Tuesday, June 28th at the La Aldea Cultural:

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Hope born from despair; Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

Roberto Weill, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Philip Silvestri “A negative memory, of embarrassment, of pain”, is how José Antonio Rodríguez, Minister of Culture, describes La Fortaleza jail, the building which once stood where today the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima is open.
“LÁMPARAS ARTESANALES” at La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima Dates: June 11th – June 28th, CLOSING SOON!! Where: Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima The Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima is on the left immediately as you cross the bridge over the Salao river entering La Romana. It is a white building which looks a little like a fortress (hence the former name – La Fortaleza). To get to it you need to be on the side of the road heading back out of La Romana, before crossing the bridge you turn right and cross over the railway tracks. Tel: Jaime Wilson at (829)-468-0298