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Walking into Teck furniture store feels like walking into Aladdin’s cave – it’s beautifully decorated and brimming with unique furniture pieces, statues, paintings, lamps and so much more. Much of their furniture has been imported from Indonesia – each piece individual, unique and most definitely exotic. These pieces are intricately carved and have such elaborate details, they could easily be classed as works of art. They have vases and lamps and statues to suit every taste, and many unique, fascicnating and typically asian statues, such as these: The warehouse, or show room rather consists of 3 huge rooms – one of which is full with beautiful outdoor furniture, as well as a workshop where Teck’s technicians work to restore old pieces of furniture or even replicate pieces. The centre room is a treasure trove of carved wooden door frames and mirrors, tables and chairs, shelfs and bookcases. Every single piece is fascinating and uniquely beautiful – I absolutly LOVE this curved bookshelf: The 3rd room contains largely bedroom furniture, such as solid wood beds and head boards, bed side tables and wardrobes. Nothing is ordinary! To decorate the showroom, Mark allows local painters to display their paintings and charges no sales commissions. This is ideal as it brightens up the showroom and with so many interesting paintings on display you may just find yourself buying a painting as well as a bed! One painter who displays his work here is Fernando Tamburini, who has a uniquely bright, bold and eccentric Dominican style which is impossible not to love! Read more about Tamburini – click here. Teck prides itself on being a leading supplier of quality TEAK furniture – real Teak wood is the best quality wood there is for both indoor and outdoor furniture. No other wood compares to teak when it comes to durability, elegance, stability and low maintenance. Teak is a deciduous tree, which grows in dry, hilly terrains of forests in Southeast Asia.

Teck is located on the Padre Abreu road – number 56, next door to the Baseball stadium. Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 9 to 12 am and 2 to 6 pm Inquieries call: Marc Olivier, 809-915-4350