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Happy Father’s Day!

Peter Hughes, Rebecca Hughes

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Peter Hughes, Rebecca Hughes
What makes your dad so special? Today in honor of fathers everywhere, we bring you tributes from our community to their fantastic fathers.

So…What makes your father so special? Even if you didn’t share the answer to this question with us – have a think about and tell you dad! On this special day I’m sure he’d love to here from you!

Let me, Rebecca Hughes, begin. Although we already celebrated English Father’s Day (yes I’m English, not American), I couldn’t resist taking this opportunity to tell you what it is that makes my daddy so special!

Peter Hughes, Rebecca Hughes - EditedMy dad is batty. That’s an English word for crazy!

He’s fun-loving and unique… and can be grumpy. He is who he is and he doesn’t really care what other people think. He loves red wine and golf.

He worked hard all his life so that he could provide for his family; I went to a great school, had a fantastic education and lived in a beautiful house, all because of his hard work, and I am very grateful for that.

But most of all I am grateful to my dad (together with my mum) for creating a beautiful family that I am proud to be part of. We drive each other crazy, but together we are the Hughes Clan!

Rebecca Hughes
Daughter of Peter Hughes
& Editor at SILGON

Daniel Hernandez Juan Manuel Hernandez@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

His love and passion for his work. He is always so enthusiastic when heading to work and his hospitality to everyone he meets is what makes him so special. He is always so respectful and knows how to handle everything he’s usually told or given. What also makes him so special is that he always does his best to work around his schedule just to come to the house and eat lunch with us even though he might have the busiest day.

Juan Manuel Hernandez
son of Daniel Hernandez

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David Winn, Katie Winn@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes my father special, but I love the fact that he is a family man and his family means everything to him. He is also such an inspiration to so many different people and he is a loving charismatic man.

Katie Winn
Daughter of David Winn

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Philip Silvestri, Claudio Silvestri@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

Charisma. Clearly it skips a generation, which means my kids will be incredibly charming! Seriously though, it’s been quite something to see my father in action. His ability to connect with people and willingness to go out of his way to make even practical strangers feel welcome is one of the special characteristics that make him unique and special. His vision and persistence are also key strengths, but his charisma is easily the first thing anyone would note.

Philip Silvestri
Son of Claudio Silvestri
President & CEO, SILGON

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Gabriela Arriaza, Carlos Arriaza@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

He is my Dad. I could not have chosen someone from whom I could learn more. He has taught me that no matter what is happening, no matter how long it has been since you saw someone, there is little that can keep like minded people away from each other. He has taught me to be unconditional and that can at times mean saying something you may not want to hear. He is kind, he is funny, handsome, charming, intelligent, determined, a musician and a poet, what else could you ask for in a dad?

Gabriela Arriaza
Daughter of Carlos Arriaza

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Pete Dye PB Dye@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

He has never worked a day in his life since he began building golf courses. He learned to play and enjoy everyday.

PB Dye
Son of Pete Dye, creator of the Teeth of the Dog golf course

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