Claudio Silvestri, Philip Silvestri

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Claudio Silvestri, Philip Silvestri

Having dedicated the last 30 years of his life to Casa de Campo, Claudio Silvestri is heralded as being one of the team of great visionaries who strived and succeeded in growing the resort from the small “house in the country” it was in the early 1980’s, to the thriving community and resort we enjoy today. And who better to reveal all about this incredible man than his own son, Philip Silvestri?

Claudio Silvestri, Philip Silvestri

With Dominican Father’s Day at the end of this month, here we bring you an interview with Philip Silvestri, son of Claudio Silvestri and president and CEO of SILGON, creators of CasaLife Magazine, Casa de Campo Living, TODO Casa de Campo and INMORTALES, official publication of the Latino Baseball Hall of Fame.

Although both having dedicated their lives to distinctly different fields of work, Claudio Silvestri – the hospitality industry, and Philip Silvestri – web design and publishing, there is no doubt that these great men have one thing in common, they are both great visionaries, even if, as Philip’s fiancé, I am admittedly a little biased.

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@cdcliving: Your father has achieved a lot here in Casa de Campo, are you very proud of him?

Philip Silvestri, Claudio Silvestri

Of course I’m proud of him, his vision and persistence (some might call stubbornness) have been, in my humble opinion, key factors in Casa de Campo being what it is today – not just as a hotel, but as an icon of the Dominican Republic. Anyone who knows him, knows he is quick to give credit to others, but there is no doubt in my mind that he was one of a few key elements in what was a perfect storm of opportunity, potential, time and place. I’m happy that he has had the opportunity to work with such a group that have had faith in many of his ideas, and the shared vision to make it all a reality. His love for the Dominican Republic, and especially La Romana are unquestionable, and it makes me very proud to see how much of himself he has given to it all.

Truth be told, I’m also quite proud of him for being a great parent. It’s easy to forget that parents are people to, and having a kid is probably one of the biggest challenges there could be. So while there may not be such thing as a perfect parent, I’m happy to have one that pushed me beyond what I thought was possible, and keeps doing so every day.

Philip Silvestri, Rebecca Hughes, Claudio Silvestri
Claudio Silvestri

@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

Charisma. Clearly it skips a generation, which means my kids will be incredibly charming! Seriously though, it’s been quite something to see my father in action. His ability to connect with people and willingness to go out of his way to make even practical strangers feel welcome is one of the special characteristics that make him unique and special. His vision and persistence are also key strengths, but his charisma is easily the first thing anyone would note.

@cdcliving: What does your father do best?  

He is the quintessential host. His sense of hospitality is legendary, and for good reason. Detail-oriented and meticulous, he has a flare for putting together an incredible special occasions, be it an intimate dinner for a few friends or coordinating special weeklong celebrations. He thinks big to make any activity memorable, but also focuses on the small details taking so many seemingly insignificant details into account to make sure everyone is as happy as can be.

Philip Silvestri Claudio Silvestri Jacqueline Silvestri Banks

@cdcliving: In what ways are you similar to your father?

Stubbornness and a passion for Casa de Campo, La Romana and the Dominican Republic. It’s funny how I was never interested in the hospitality business, and yet I ended up putting so much effort into this part of the world.

Philip Silvestri and Claudio Silvestri

Casa de Campo has been my home for as long as I can remember and I think we share a passion for leaving a positive mark on it, which goes hand in hand with the La Romana – Bayahibe area, and the Dominican Republic in general. After all, whats not to love – its an amazing country, rich with opportunities, wonderful people and fantastic weather year round! Plus, living in Casa de Campo is like traveling without all the airport security shenanigans.

@cdcliving: What do you and your father enjoy doing together?

Cooking is a passion we both share. Specifically we like to get together on Sundays, open a nice bottle of wine and get to work on a pasta masterpiece. Sometimes we’ll just get started with what ingredients we find in the fridge and see what happens… And sometimes it will be an ongoing discussion leading up to Sunday, negotiating what new recipe we may embark on. While we have created a few duds, most days the pasta is fantastic, and occasionally I would even go so far as to incredible!

Philip Silvestri and Claudio Silvestri

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