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Daniel Hernandez, a passionate & dedicated role model

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Daniel Hernandez Juan Manuel HernandezMost of us know Daniel Hernandez as the general manager of the Casa de Campo hotel and the president of the La Romana – Bayahibe Hotels Association. However he is also a father. So here in our 3rd instalment of our father-son series of articles in honor of Dominican Father’s Day (next Sunday July 27th) we bring you an interview with his son Juan Manuel Hernandez.

Daniel Hernandez from Colombia started working as the general manager of the Casa de Campo hotel in 2010 and since then we have come to know him and his friendly smile very well. It seems that whatever is going on in Casa de Campo, Daniel Hernandez is there playing the role as host perfectly. His son, Juan Manuel Hernandez is currently studying engineering at the Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, and although has not decided upon his future career, is striving to follow in his father’s footsteps – embracing life with the same passion, dedication and hospitality that characterizes his father.

Daniel Hernandez Juan Manuel Hernandez@cdcliving: Your father has achieved a lot in his lifetime, are you very proud of him?

Not only I’m very proud of him, but also I’m impressed of how he manages to be more successful everyday. Listening to all his stories of how he started and how he grew up during the years. It was amazing to hear how young he started his career, but also I’m jealous of how many opportunities he had to travel around the world at such a young age. Yet, there are stories I haven’t heard, however every time I have the opportunity to listen to a new story I enjoy it a lot and I’m able to picture my dad doing everything as he tells the story. My dad is not only the best role model I could ever ask for, but he is also my hero and my best friend.

@cdcliving: What inspired you to follow in your father’s footsteps?

His daily success. Looking at my dad progress everyday and living with him at the hotels made me understand how much passion and effort he puts into his work. All that dedication taught me that in order to achieve all your goals you always have to be very dedicated. Also the fact of living in hotels my entire life and having the opportunity to work at the hotels helped me understand why my dad love his job so much, and that inspired me to follow his footsteps.

Daniel Hernandez Juan Manuel Hernandez

@cdcliving: What makes your father special?

Daniel Hernandez Juan Manuel HernandezHis love and passion for his work. He is always so enthusiastic when heading to work and his hospitality to everyone he meets is what makes him so special. He is always so respectful and knows how to handle everything he’s usually told or given. What also makes him so special is that he always does his best to work around his schedule just to come to the house and eat lunch with us even though he might have the busiest day.

@cdcliving: In what ways are you similar to your father?

Every year my dad is able to teach me most of his skills and how to apply them in the daily life. I try to be as similar as I can to my dad because everywhere I go I always hear how much everyone likes him and how respected he is by everyone around him. I do my best to be like him, as he is my role model.

@cdcliving: What do you and your father enjoy doing together?

Not only having that conversation of father and son, but one of the things we enjoy the most is going out on the golf course and enjoying the day as we play together. Also going out together on a drive is something we really enjoy.

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