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Gabriel Gutierrez, Ana Colina Morales, Gilberto Morales, Gabriela Vicentini, and Miguel Palomero

Casa de Campo recently celebrated its first installment of “Flavors of the World,” a series of culinary events that invite internationally recognized chefs to our luxurious resort for innovative dining experiences that excite residents, visitors and foodies alike. On the weekend of May 20th, two Michelin Star Chef, Fernando Arellano of Spain delighted attendees at the Beach Club by Le Cirque with artfully prepared dishes along with Casa’s own Executive Chef, Anthony Masas.

Now through November, we’ll have several chances to be part of excellent gastronomy events and view masters of their trade. Chef Fernando Arellano is based in Mallorca at the Zaranda Restaurant in Castell Son Claret. He and his team won their second Michelin star in 2014, having earned their first at the restaurant’s premier location in San Bernardino, Madrid only a year after opening! They garnered the title, “the revelation of Madrid” by the Food and Wine Magazine, exemplifying an outstanding fusion of flavor, aroma and texture that continues to today.

Casa de Campo goers were lucky enough to join the renowned chef over two intimate tasting dinners Friday and Saturday night, in addition to an interactive guest cooking activity on Saturday and special brunch service on Sunday. Chef Fernando Arellano’s specialities are inspired by Mallorca’s time honored favorites and modernised into elegant works of art.

Leo Matas and Chef Arellano

In a gorgeous and relaxing environment at the Beach Club by Le Cirque, guests mingled with friends and the chefs themselves under a beautiful moonlit sky. See the photos below provided by the Casa de Campo Resort:

More great “Flavors of the World” to come:

  • Flavors of Miami: weekend of July 15th with Chef Jose Mendin, Chef Jeremy Ford, and Chef Bradley Kilgore
  • Flavors of Perú: weekend of  July 29th at SBG with Chef Diego Muñoz
  • Flavors of Italy: weekend of  August 19th at La Piazzetta
  • Flavors of Mexico, weekend of September 15th
  • Flavors of Portugal: weekend of October 21 at La Caña by Il Circo
To book your reservation for the next “Flavors of the World” event call the resort directly at (855) 877-3643, (800) 336-5520, or (809) 523-3333 ext. 3165 and 3166.
Two Michelin Star Chef Fernando Arellano

With an incredible background, and after working with “Patrick Guilbaud” (Dublín), “Le Gavroche” (Londres), “Don Alfonso 1890” (Nápoles), “Maison Pic” (Valence) y “Can Fabes” (Barcelona) amongst others, at the young age of 27 he had recollected enough expertise to start his own project and in 2005 he opened Zaranda in San Bernardino, Madrid. Only one year after its opening they he won his first Michelin Star. 5 years after opening the whole crew relocated to Mallorca and is now in the hotel Castell Son Claret. 10 years later, in 2015 Zaranda won its second Michelin star. Signature dishes include ‘The Blackegg’ (pictured above), “The three little pigs”, their Burrata Zaranda, and the elegant ‘Majorica’ oyster. To know more about Zaranda, visit their website zaranda.es.