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On Saturday evening, April 29th, the rain could not stop the final celebration that commemorated the 30th anniversary of the annual Sugar Shooting Tournament. J.Pepe Fanjul along with his wife Emilia hosted a wonderful dinner and prize-giving celebration at Lagos Restaurant, a quick change of location from their traditional outdoor setting at Casa Grande. The night marked the end of the Sugar Shooting Tournament completed every year at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center and private wilderness reserve, Rancho Peligro.

With 5-days of shooting at Rancho Peligro and at the 245 acre Casa de Campo Shooting Center, over 35 outstanding shooters came together for yet another successful year. Even though it’s true, the weather’s untimely interruption had postponed a couple of events and affected entries into some, the tournament was carried out without any other issues thanks to the wonderful coordination of Director of the Shooting Center Gary Salmon and his team. Also part of the weeklong festivities was the traditional welcome pre-shooting cocktail and dinner celebrated on Thursday at what has been deemed the Sugar Shooting Tournament’s new clubhouse — La Casita!

30th Annual Sugar Shooting

As the night came to an end, J.Pepe Fanjul and Gary Salmon took the spotlight to reveal the winners of the various tournaments. The tournament consists of numerous different competitions: the Live Pigeon Shoot, Colombaire, and the Sporting Clays, as well as the European Style Driven Bird Shoot. This year, events also included the Pool Shoot and 2 Man Flush. Lawrence Berry won the High Overall Cup handed to him by J.Pepe Fanjul, while James Gubelmann himself was crowned the winner of the High Overall “Gubelmann Cup!”

30th Annual Sugar Shooting

The whole “Sugar Event,” including both the Sugar Golf tournament and the Sugar Shooting tournament has a charitable purpose, to raise funds for the Fundación MIR which provide high-level education for children in need in the greater La Romana area. In this 30th anniversary edition, since it first started in 1988, many of the regular participants presented both Pepe and Emilia with several recognitions as a thank you, revealing to attendees that the event just gets better as the years pass by. James Horne, representing James Purdey & Sons Ltd., Gun & Rifle Makers, gifted Pepe a hand made Victorian-inspired mahogany case set position finder and game register. James Gubelmann, Chris Meigher, William Burkland, and Leroy McMakin with their wives presented a tray with their signatures engraved, and as well Jaime Bonetti and his wife Maria Matilde also presented the esteemed couple with a gifted tray. Congratulations to all the winners and all those who participated!

30th Annual Sugar Shooting

The following gallery of photos were taken by Wilfredo Alvarez on Saturday, April 29th at Lagos restaurant during the closing event for the 30th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament: 

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30th Annual Sugar Shooting Tournament

Clay Shooting

  • Class AA – Mason Berry
  • Class A – Jeffrey Leopald
  • Class B – Alberto Cocio
  • Class C – Gerald Seay
  • Class D – Glen Li

Handicap Senior

  • J. Pepe Fanjul. ( 410ga)


  • Andres Fanjul Jr. ( 410ga)

5 Stand Purdy Cup

  • Leigh McMakin

Pool Shoot

  • Mason Berry

2 Man Flush

  • Kenneth Beall and Leigh McMakin

100 Flyers Race

  • Jaime Bonetti


  • David Callaway

Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shooting

  • Day 1: Phillip Serofim
  • Day 2: William Burkland
  • Day 3: Chris Meigher III
  • Day 4: Paul Miley

Gubelmann Cup

  • James Gubelmann

High Overall

  • Lawrence Berry


  • The Purdy Cup is awarded by James Purdey & Sons Gunmakers
  • The High Overall “GUBELMANN CUP” is awarded to the shooter with the highest overall shooting score in the events based at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center (does not include the Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shoot at Rancho Peligro.)
  • The High Overall Cup is awarded to the shooter with the highest overall shooting score in ALL the events
  • Shooters cannot win more than one event