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Fellow Foodie Alert!! Just last week we had the Tasting and Pairing dinner with three top chefs, our very own Anthony Masas, the Executive Chef of Casa de Campo along with Joaquin Renovales, the Executive Chef of Restaurant Group SBG, and Erik Malmsten, the Executive Chef of Restaurant Olivia, in La Piazzetta. Well, next week there will be more great food in Casa!

“Flavors of the World,” a gastronomic journey highlighting the collection of casual, gourmet, and fine-dining options will be available at Casa de Campo. This will be a monthly occurrence until November where internationally-renowned chefs will work alongside with the resort’s creative culinary team, led by Executive Chef Anthony Masas, in the creation of unique, weekend-long culinary affairs featuring a different flavor of the world. This gives us foodies the opportunity to mingle with globally-recognized talent and feed our bellies with delicious food creations!

Coal Roasted Amber jack

The first monthly affair will take place from May 20th-22nd with Two Michelin Star Chef Fernando Arellano of Spain who is known for his contemporary take on Mallorcan cuisine, and will be  representing the flavors of his home country through two intimate tasting menu dinners on Friday and Saturday night at the Beach Club by Le Cirque. PLUS, Chef Arellano and Chef Masas will collaborate with interactive guest cooking activities on Saturday afternoon, as well as a special Sunday brunch service.

Huevo negro

Don’t miss the first of the monthly events that Casa de Campo and “Flavors of the World” has prepared. Make your reservation for “Flavors of the World” by calling the resort directly at (855) 877-3643 or (800) 336-5520 or 809 523 3333 ext 3165 y 3166 if you’re here or visit www.casadecampo.com.do. Stay tuned for our announcement of the next monthly event!

Chef Fernando Arellano Flavors of the World

Two Michelin Star Chef Fernando Arellano

With an incredible background, and after working with “Patrick Guilbaud” (Dublín), “Le Gavroche” (Londres), “Don Alfonso 1890” (Nápoles), “Maison Pic” (Valence) y “Can Fabes” (Barcelona) amongst others, at the young age of 27 he had recollected enough expertise to start his own project and in 2005 he opened Zaranda in San Bernardino, Madrid. Only one year after its opening they he won his first Michelin Star. 5 years after opening the whole crew relocated to Mallorca and is now in the hotel Castell Son Claret. 10 years later, in 2015 Zaranda won its second Michelin star. Signature dishes include ‘The Blackegg’ (pictured above), “The three little pigs”, their Burrata Zaranda, and the elegant ‘Majorica’ oyster. To know more about Zaranda, visit their website zaranda.es.

Flavors of the World

When: May 20th-22nd

Where: Beach Club by Le Cirque, Minitas Casa de Campo

Chef: Two Michelin Star Chef Fernando Arellano

For more information and reservations contact: (855) 877-3643 or (800) 336-5520 or visit www.casadecampo.com.do.