Being at home in quarantine is uncomfortable for everyone, mainly for our faithful canine companions, it is important both our health and theirs to stay active and exercise. Here are some tips or ideas for exercising at home with our dogs.

It is important that we gradually incorporate our dogs into our physical exercise routine. Some of the exercises or activities you can do together are:

  • A warm-up routine, we can start by throwing a ball or their favorite toy asking them to bring it or have them chase it for a minute. It is not good that it is for a long time so that you do not get tired before starting the training. Remember to let him know that you are happy because they are exercising with you or give them a prize.
  • We can also do dogs (yoga routines that are designed for you and your dogs) which we can find on youtube or ask for assistance from our yoga instructor.
  • We can also do squats when we pick up one of their toys, every time we go up we will launch it so he can go look for them and bring them back.
  • Let’s take advantage of the stairs at home and let’s go up and down together.
  • We can also create an obstacle course in the yard to keep our dogs entertained and active when walking them together. 
  • Swimming is also a good option, but it is important that the dog is comfortable in the water, otherwise, this could stress them and that instead of helping will make them feel agitated and stressed. 

Important note, we must always be aware of our dog’s needs, signs of thirst, heat and tiredness. Some have to stop abruptly, move away from the training area and lie down or sit down from the exercises, if they do this let us take a moment to look to see if they are tired, if they are thirsty or if they just don’t care what we do .

Remember they have to enjoy it, make it fun for them and you and always show them love and affection, they are also an important part of the family!