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Training together in Casa

Being at home in quarantine is uncomfortable for everyone, mainly for our faithful canine companions, it is important both our health and theirs to stay active and exercise. Here are some tips or ideas for exercising at home with our dogs. It is important that we gradually incorporate our dogs into our physical exercise routine. […]

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What to eat to see better results from your workout by Jaqueline Banks

What you eat before and after a workout can have a big impact on the results that you see. To make the most of your efforts, follow these tips from Juan Carlos Simó, a Poliquin strength coach and Bio-signature practitioner with years of functional medicine experience and the owner of Workout RD, an elite personal […]

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Casa de Campo Living magazine is here and presents your 2018 Healthy Lifestyle

New Year New You might be a cliché, but our winter edition of Casa de Campo Living magazine has many ways you can get on track with being your best self. From stories on motivation and healthy habits to eating well, filling your personal environment with bright and happy décor, polishing your skill set at […]

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CrossFit “warm-up” event at Minitas Beach

Well ladies and gentlemen, if like me you’ve taken on a “30-day daily exercise challenge” (or are generally fit and healthy), you’ll be excited to know that on Saturday January 24th, the first CrossFit event to take place in Casa de Campo will be happening on Minitas Beach! CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning […]