Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil

In addition to cooking with it, these are my top 6 ways to use coconut oil – the healthiest oil of them all!

1. Home-made moisturiser

I use coconut oil as a moisturiser in two different ways.

A) On its own. I keep a little tub of pure coconut oil in the bathroom and I use it as an all-over moisturiser – I literally just smear it on all over.

B) Face moisturiser. To help keep my face clean and moisturised I invented my own face moisturiser with tea tree oil. In a small tupperware of coconut oil I add in about 10 drops of tea tree oil and mix it in. I use this mix every morning and every night after I wash my face. Tea tree oil is a natural cleanser so it helps keep your face extra clean and zit-free!

2. Shaving

Forget all the shaving creams, foams and potions they sell as the supermarket. I just keep a little tupperware of pure coconut oil in the shower and when it comes to shaving my legs I smear it on, shave and rinse it off. You get a great clean shave and you get moisturised at the same time!

3. In my coffee

For optimal health you are meant to ingest about 1 teaspoon of coconut oil a day (see below why). And an easy way to do that is by adding a little bit to your coffee – about half a teaspoon. Another bonus is that the addition of coconut oil makes the coffee less bitter – and therefore much more appetizing without sugar. So give it a try, it may help you give up that nasty sugar habit!

4. Home-made chocolate

Honestly there is nothing better than home-made coconut oil chocolate. It’s a delicious and healthy treat! Click here for my recipe!

5. On mosquito bites

I don’t know why this works – maybe it’s psychological – but when I get a mosquito bite that’s really bugging me I rub in a little coconut oil and ta-da the itching stops!

6. Cough syrup

I recently got a really bad cough and given my aversion to doctors and love for coconut oil, I decided to google “cough remedy coconut oil” and jackpot I found a solution! Honey, lemon and coconut oil – about a teaspoon of each stirred into hot water to make a yummy cough syrup tea. You can also take a spoon of coconut oil and honey without the water which helps too.

So there you go – that’s my top 6 ways of using coconut oil!

There are literally countless more ways to use coconut oil, some people use it on their hair, to make soap, even to clean their teeth, but right now those are the 6 main ways that I use it.

So why is coconut oil so good for you?

I’m no nutrition or health expert, so click here to read all about the benefits of coconut oil, coconut meat and coconut milk, written by Jacqueline Silvestri Banks, our Casa de Campo Living holistic health advisor.

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