FRESH FRESH, Altos de Chavon

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Our friends at Fresh Fresh Café in Altos de Chavón are pleased to invite us to the very first in their series of “Fresh Talks.”

These activities, which will be held periodically, will help us learn about organic food and remedies, on how they benefit our body, and everything that has to do with eating healthy.

And who is responsible for the talks? Well, to start we’ll have the opportunity to chat with the creator of natural and organic products Raíz Herbal Medicines, Alita Akashi, to teach us how to detoxify our body the right way.

Under the title “The Detox Plan”, this herbalist will teach us how to create a detoxifying program. She will explain step by step how to clean our bodies through food and medicinal plants. The aim is to make us understand how our body works and how certain foods and plants can help clean and balance our body to prevent sickness and which plants to use if we are suffering from common symptoms.

So don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to take care for your body in the right way. We hope to see you there!

Fresh Talk with Alita Akashi

Learn how to detoxify with medicinal plants and food.

Date: Thursday April 23th, 6:30pm

Location: Fresh Fresh Café, Altos de Chavón