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Haitian Carnival Celebrated in Casa de Campo

On Sunday 8th of March Casa de Campo resident and Haitian native, Ms. Ginette d’Adesky hosted a wonderfully energetic fete at her Casa de Campo home in celebration of the Haitian Carnival. Over 200 invited guests, all personal friends of Ms. d’Adesky, attended the private party – dressed in some of the most elaborate, beautiful and colorful costumes. In attendance were […]

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3rd Gran Feria de Andalucia en el Caribe

Its been quite hectic around here, having just barely recouped from the Third Annual Gran Feria de Andalucia en el Caribe.  Aside from being quite a mouthful, this event was quite the handful as well. It was exhausting, invigorating, intense, entertaining and quite the spectacle. In short however, we would like to congratulate the team behind this tremendous […]