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Haitian Carnival Celebrated in Casa de Campo

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On Sunday 8th of March Casa de Campo resident and Haitian native, Ms. Ginette d’Adesky hosted a wonderfully energetic fete at her Casa de Campo home in celebration of the Haitian Carnival. Over 200 invited guests, all personal friends of Ms. d’Adesky, attended the private party – dressed in some of the most elaborate, beautiful and colorful costumes. In attendance were their Majesties the King and Queen of Hearts, Zoro, Flamenco Dancers, Hippies, Doctors, Nurses, Cabaret Dancers, Los Super Toros and many more wonderful disguises – some of which I hesitate to name at the risk of getting them wrong.

The costumes were just the start – as the party kept going well past 2am – not bad for a Sunday night!  Ms. d’Adesky had paid meticulous attention to detail – the villa was superbly adorned with authentic Haitian decorations and guests were served a delicious selection of Haitian snacks as well as an exquisite Haitian buffet. Fried pork, goat and rice were served with plantain and other delicious treats, along with a potent Haitian Rum punch to help wet the appetite. The night started with a little socializing and greeting of friends – assuming you could figure out who was who, which was in itself quite entertaining.

The party quickly escalated into a full-blown shin-dig – a real and authentic carnival! As the night progressed, guests were surprised by the appearance of a parade of performers – fire breathers, fire jugglers, dancing men on stilts and what can only be described as traditional male dancers – not for the faint hearted! What a treat and what a show – it was certainly hot hot hot!


Authenticity and fun where the themes for the evening proved to be as fun as could be.  On behalf of all your guests, thank you Ms. d’Adesky for inviting all of us and letting us share this special occasion and small peak at the rich and colorful culture of the Haitian Carnaval!

This article was written by Rebecca Hughes, editor of Casa de Campo Living and Casa de Campo’s entertainment specialist!

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