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Candid photos in Casa de Campo – Carlos Santana

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In case it was not obvious already, we would like to make it clear that we absolutely loved the Carlos Santana concert and have rarely been as star-struck and in awe by a celebrity in a good long time. So while the concert might seem to be a distant memory for some, and while we do feel our Santana fever slowly coming to an end, we still have a little left to give.

While Carlos Santana was here in Casa de Campo, a few luck folks where able to get some photos with this legendary artist. Well, we’ve been able to get our hands on some of these photos, to share with everyone still interested. As you can see, the above photo is of the Carlos Santana and fellow Casa de Campo residents and villa owners – Couldrey family (Wayne Couldrey, Jack Couldrey and Maree Couldrey).

Additional photos submitted can be seen below.  Thank you to everyone who submitted all the wonderful photos!


As this always happens during, or rather after, a concert  – we hope that should you bump into a celebrity while in Casa de Campo and are able to take a photo with them (with permission of course) – please send us a copy!

Remember however, that one of the things that makes Casa de Campo the wonderful place is the privacy and security we enjoy. So if you see a celebrity vacationing, keep in mind that like the rest of us, they are simply trying to relax and enjoy themselves!

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