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Bikers Mount Up!

So we’ve just been informed that this coming Sunday, there will be a group biking activity, cooinciding with the Dueños Weekend. The event is free and open to all, but is BYOBHGAG (Bring your own bike, helmet, gloves and gear!), and departs on sunday morning from the Parking Lot of Minitas Beach. From photos we’ve […]

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POLL RESULTS: Chinois has the best service in Casa!

So we conducted yet another ultra-unscientific poll. This time we where determined to find out “Which restaurant has the best service?” After a month of polling we present to you the results as follow: 43% – Chinois (Asian Cuisine, Marina Casa de Campo) 13% – Limoncello (Mediterranean Cusine, Marina Casa de Campo) 8% – Beach […]

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We sell…

WE SELL VIAGRA, CIALIS WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. This sign was hanging at the pharmacy at the Casa de Campo Marina. Just in case you are curious, it is not uncommon to be sold over the counter as in the resort alone there are at least half a dozen places that sell this stuff (including Minitas beach)…. […]

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New stuff coming to Altos de Chavon, the Marina and all of Casa de Campo!

Hello all! Have you missed us? We’re sure you’ve been dying without us to tell you the latest scoop on what is going on in Casa de Campo. After having been somewhat absent from the blogging scene for a while, we’re back to keep you informed on what is happening in Casa de Campo, and […]