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Number six is almost here! The Friday June 6th, marks the sixth Café de la Leche of this year! Which means another opportunity for all members of the Casa de Campo community to have a great time, while supporting a good cause. On this occasion it will be hosted at the Marina Casa de Campo, specifically at the chic Casa de Campo Yacht Club.


It is becoming increasingly more popular for the Café de la Leche monthly charitable event to be hosted by a business, rather than by a member of the community at their Casa de Campo villa – so far this year events have been celebrated at DEDON store in the Marina Casa de Campo, as well as Ki-Ra Holistic Living Resort in Boca Chavón and now the upcoming Café de la Leche is being generously hosted by the Casa de Campo Yacht Club! I’m sure we’re in for a real treat! 

This monthly charitable event is normally attended only by female members of our Casa de Campo, although during last years celebration at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club, ladies were allowed and indeed encouraged to bring a male guest along, something unusually for Café de la Leche events… but the most important fact is that this celebration is held to gather donations of milk for the Hogar del Niño, which are used to feed the more than 200 babies cared for daily in their  “Sala cuna” (crib room).

Xioma Matos, Vilma Núñez & Josie Gonzalvo

cafe de la leche

See you there!

Café de la Leche

When: Friday June 6th, 5pm

Where: Casa de Campo Yacht Club, Marina Casa de Campo

Contribution: Milk, formula, cereals or RD$750

Contact: 809-523-8901,

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Can you believe that it is already June (midyear)!? That means that this year we have already enjoyed five Café de la Leche celebrations! So for those of you who may have missed them, or for those of you thinking about attending a Café de la Leche for the first time, here’s a quick recap of all the most recent Café de la Leche gatherings:

Friday January 9th, Café de la Leche with Annie Paniagua

Annie Paniagua

With its enviably lofty location high above the Chavón river, the Café de la Leche of Ana Maria Paniagua was once again blessed with a magnificent sunset, as well as a refreshing breeze. 

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Friday February 7th, Café de la Leche with Dedon and Chinois

Cafe de la Leche

With the food catered by Chinois, making Susana Joa, owner of the restaurant, the glamourous hostess alongside Moraima Mirambeaux of Dedon. When one of Casa’s veteran restauranteurs joins forces with one of the society’s most stylish, there can be no doubt that the result would be superb. Not only were the decorations just perfect and elegant, but the food was delicious, with adorable little touches such as heart shaped chocolate treats – perfect for a Cafe de la Leche in the month of love! 

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Thursday March 13th, Café de la Leche with Ki-Ra

Xiomara Matos

In typical Kyra style, the gathering was refreshingly laid-back and relaxing, with guests invited to come and go and explore as they please. No area was “out of bounds”, so the more than 50 guests wandered freely admiring and enjoying everything the Ki-Ra Holistic Living Retreat has to offer. 

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Friday April 11th, Café de la Leche with Isabel Purcell

Café de la Leche Isabel Purcell

Taking place in her beautiful Casa de Campo villa overlooking the Links golf course, Isabel’s many guests enjoyed cocktails and nibbles as the sunset on another beautiful day in paradise. 

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Friday May 9th, Café de la Leche with Cesarina de Grisolia


There could be no doubt that spring had arrived at the recent Café de la Leche hosted by Cesarina de Grisolia, last Friday May 9th in Casa de Campo. 

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