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A brand new dining spot has opened in La Marina. Causa is Casa de Campo’s newest culinary creation for the 2020 Christmas season. Set within a Peruvian themed dining atmosphere with signature cocktails and authentic Peruvian food, and is led by the creative expertise of Chef Anthony Masas and his team.


Causa is the name of an iconic dish of Peruvian Food, but colloquially it is used in Peru to refer to a very close friend. In an informal, modern environment with a positive vibe,  This new restaurant will offer its guests and the Casa de Campo community alike the opportunity to discover the gastronomy of Peru, which has become regarded as one of the most varied and exquisite in the world. 

Causa’s menu features Chef’s Masas’ interpretation of the authentic, bold, and brilliant flavors of Peruvian cuisine focusing on three of the most recognized styles of Peruvian Food: Creole, Nikkei, and Chifa.


Creole gastronomy is a style of cuisine born in the colonial era, from the fusion between European, African, and Pre-Columbian American cultures. On the other hand, Nikkei cuisine is one that fuses the exuberance of Peruvian cuisine with the calm of Japanese cuisine. In Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese cutting techniques mixed with Peruvian products and seasonings. Chifa is a classic you have to try, combining the tradition of Chinese cuisine of stir-fries with Peruvian ingredients.

With delicious food and exquisite pisco cocktails, and outstanding service, Causa is another great dining option that you must try.

Causa – Peruvian Gastronomy

Plaza Portofino, La Marina Casa de Campo

Open daily from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm