Holiday Eating and Drinking

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The jolly season is here folks and I couldn’t be happier! Everything looks more beautiful with the Christmas decorations up, and we all seem to be in a better mood knowing that the holidays are just around the corner. For many of us, Christmas is a time of family, fun, and comfort food. Lots of dinners and parties to attend and not many of us feel like depriving ourselves of any of the sweet or savoury treats we are offered. It is a time of celebration where all around the world people gather to eat and drink more than any other holiday of the year… and who wants to diet during Christmas?… No one!

Holiday Eating and Drinking
Will Ferrell in holiday movie “Elf”
Will Ferrell in holiday movie “Elf”

However, we don’t necessarily want to feel bloated or start the new year with 10 extra pounds on us either. We already have enough resolutions to deal with. Here in Casa, we can’t exactly hide under our winter clothes; many of us celebrate the upcoming year in a bathing suit in Palmilla— and no one wants to be competing with Santa’s belly!

So, today I won’t be telling you not to enjoy your favorite meals, your eggnog, and all that you crave; instead, I want you to enjoy yourself while being mindful. I am including these tips to keep you on track with all the eating and drinking without the excessive bloating

– There will be lots of alcohol this season, it’s practically unavoidable. There are so many social gatherings that if we drink everyday our bodies will start showing the consequences quite soon. Alcohol is a very quick way to bloat and gain weight. Opt for less sugary options and drink lots of water especially after a night of heavy drinking or between drinks.

– Start your day with a healthy breakfast and have your water with lemon daily. Lemon is great way to alkalize our bodies and to detoxify. A perfect aid for reducing any bloating!

– If you’re planning a night out and think you might go all in at the buffet line, have a snack before leaving your house to avoid arriving at dinner famished.

– Opt for lighter lunches and smarter breakfasts when you know you will have your festivities and treats at dinner.

– Drink plenty of ginger tea, which is your greatest ally, to reduce bloating and also strengthen your immune system. It keeps you healthy while and aids your digestive system in the process.

– Exercise; yes, keep moving! Around the holidays, we tend to feel like sitting on our couch all day and relaxing, but commit to doing something every day. It can be as simple as going for a walk or having a swim in the ocean.

– If you are lucky enough to spend your holidays in Casa de Campo, get some sun. Because apart from the necessary vitamin D we receive from those rays of sunshine, we all tend to feel more confident when tanned. When we feel more confident we also opt for wiser choices and usually take better care of ourselves.

– Last but not least, this is the season of love and kindness. Be kind to yourself with all the choices you make. This does not only mean what you eat, but also what you feed your mind. You know what is best for you, be kind!

Enjoy the season. Wishing you lots of blessings and the best start to the new year!

This article was contributed by Martina Avanzini de Pinto, holistic health coach at