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Casa de Campo delights in Flavors of the World Peru

Flavors of the World Peru

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Flavors of the World weekends typically attract a lot of Casa de Campo folk and those living in the capital, and this past edition with Chef Jaime Pesaque was no exception. The eagerly awaited event actually sold out on its first night! It was Friday the 18th that I joined fellow Flavors of the World fan, Carla Campos for a five course Peruvian menu that featured filling dishes and different drink pairings with each plate.

First welcomed by the Chivas Aguaymanto cocktail, a mix of citric flavors that blended pleasantly with the Chivas Regal 18, we soon switched over to champagne and later wine that kept us sharing a lot of laughs and funny vacation memories, as we delighted over new Peruvian flavors at The Beach Club by Le Cirque.

Flavors of the World Peru

The first course of Granos Silvestres was a bean salad with quinoa, kiwicha – a Peruvian superfood, and kañigua, which hails from the Andes, accompanied by sweet raisins, fresh ricotta cheese, whipped avocado and a small spread of pumpkin cream that reminded us of Thanksgiving. The healthy dish brought both crunch and smooth textures, and opened our palettes to Peru’s popular ají limo seasoning, a tangy lemon drop pepper. The ponzu-miso dressing united a balance of sweet and salty flavors to the entire dish.

Flavors of the World Peru

A second course of Ceviche Chifa had a bit of a spicy aftertaste due to its citrus-based marinade, “leche de tigre” or tiger’s milk, and came featuring salmon, crunchy peppers, cashews and wontons. Causa Chiclayo may have been my favorite dish as it included butter poached lobster, dabs of lobster bisque emulsion, fresh tomatoes and pickled onions over a bed of fork mashed potato puree. Also drizzled with leche de tigre sauce and ají amarillo, these burst of flavors were enlightening.

Flavors of the World Peru

Chatter filled the restaurant as guests piled into the fully booked affair, and I tried to pace myself with each new delicious plate. By far one of the most attractive dishes was octopus accompanied by peppers, almonds, a bit of tomatoes and black garlic; and the fifth course of Short Rib Seco sealed the deal for me as an evening of amazing cuisine. As a true meat lover, this especially juicy short rib was one I could eat every week. A crisp mushroom cracker topped the dish, and was quite unexpectedly the perfect touch.

To finish off, Carla and I enjoyed a salty dish of Suspiro Miraflorino for dessert. Salt tends to be a staple among chefs in Peru, and this particular sal de Maras is a famous pink salt from the south of Peru. A very tangy flavor from dried lucuma fruit held its own over a smooth caramel spread, and made this final dish one we certainly want to replicate over the holidays!

Flavors of the World Peru

We saw a lot of friendly faces on Friday evening as we made our way around to say hello, and everyone commented how completely stuffed and satisfied they were! Flavors of the World has been a successful highlight in Casa de Campo over the last few months, and we urge you not to miss their last event of the year this weekend! Flavors of the World returns on December 2nd with Vitor Matos from Portugal. Stay tuned for the details!

The following pictures were taken by Mariobi Herrera on Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th atThe Beach Club by Le Cirque:

and on November 20th during Flavors of the World Sunday brunch:


Flavors of the World logo“Flavors of the World” is a gastronomic journey highlighting the collection of casual, gourmet, and fine-dining options available at Casa de Campo. It is a monthly occurrence through November where internationally-renowned chefs work alongside the resort’s creative culinary team, led by Executive Chef Anthony Masas, in the creation of unique, weekend-long culinary affairs featuring a different flavor of the world. This gives us foodies the opportunity to mingle with globally-recognized talent and feed our bellies with delicious food creations!

  • Flavors of Portugal: December 2nd – 4th – FINAL EVENT!

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