Featured Image Flavors of the World Dominican Edition

Flavors Of The World is back in Casa de Campo!  Casa de Campo’s Chef Anthony Masas will be accompanied by an exciting group of Chefs to take us through an incredible gastronomic journey from the 24th to the 26th of June (that’s next week!). This month we will be exploring the flavors of the Dominican Republic – honoring its culinary heritage and traditions.

Just last month, Casa de Campo Resort & Villas treated us to a weekend of fabulous cuisine from Spain, with guest chef Fernando Arellano working alongside Chef Masas. This is all part of the Flavors of the World Summer initiative put forth by Casa de Campo Resort & Villas that gives us the opportunity to try meals prepared by renowned and awarded chefs, and simultaneously explore the traditional flavors that inspire them.

Chef Tita from Travesías restaurant, Giancarlo Bonarelli and Steve Provost from Bottega Fratelli will explore the Dominican cuisine this month along with Chef Masas during a weekend full of events. The six course headlining event prepared by all four chefs will be held at La Casita Restaurant at the Marina Casa de Campo on the evening of June 24th and will feature the chefs’ interpretation of Dominican staples.

On Sunday, The Beach Club by Le Cirque will be hosting a delicious brunch at Minitas Beach after 12pm.

Foodies can’t miss this and the rest of the Flavors of the World events! We encourage you to mark your calendars as the July edition is scheduled for the 15-17 of July and we will be enjoying dishes straight from Miami!!! Chef Jose Mendin from Pubbelly is inviting his friends from the Magic City, Jeremy Ford from Matador Room by Jean-Georges and Bradley Kilgore from Alter.

Meet the chefs!

Chef Tita

Chef Tita often called  “Ambassador of the Dominican cuisine to the world” for being the first Dominican chef to focus her cooking line towards  rescuing Dominican gastronomy. She is the executive Chef of “Travesias Restaurant”, an exotic culinary journey around the island.

In addition to being THE Dominican chef, Chef Tita is truly a renaissance woman! She has played a major role in the Dominican local media as hostess of the “Gourmet Cuisine” T.V. program, broadcasted nationally and internationally; and also writes for Dominican newspaper Listin Diario, and the leading magazines in the Dominican Republic. Chef Tita’s inspiration is to continue forging the interest and love for Dominican customs and culinary traditions. She firmly believes Dominican Cuisine is one of the richest and most diversified and its flavor is incomparable and unique.

Chef Giancarlo Bonarelli

Family man Chef Giancarlo Bonarelli is behind three restaurants in Santo Domingo – Vesuvio, Fuddruckers and Mitre coming from what could be called a culinary dynasty a family with a tradition in business restaurateurs. About cooking he said that it is “More than a profession, it is a lifestyle”. Giancarlo Bonarelli is a big lover of  comfort Dominican food and gets inspiration for his dishes from it even though he is running three restaurants with a very different concepts. “Vesuvio” offers a selection of Italian food. Mediterranean style, “Mitre” is a restaurant serving international fusion cuisine, and “Fuddruckers” is a franchise burger place.

Chef Steve Provost

Steve Provost the chef behind Bottega Fratelli and a master of fusion. He likes to mix and match different flavors, textures and colours  from all over the world! Steve believes that traveling is the  greatest inspiration for a chef.  Steve’s special is to add a twist to east Asian dishes!

Flavors of the World: República Dominicana

Six-Course Dinner

When: Friday, June 24 @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: La Casita Restaurant, Marina Casa de Campo

6-course menu, celebrating Dominican cuisine.

Cost: US$125

Dominican Brunch

When: Sunday, June 26 Time from 11:00 am  to 4:00 pm

Where: The Beach Club by Le Cirque

Cost: USD$50

For reservation call 809 -523-3165 or 3166