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My first art piece: Commissioning a Patricia Michelangeli

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I visit the Organic Market at La Estancia on Saturday mornings, it’s my little ritual to decompress from a week’s worth of work. Sometimes I do yoga with Kyra, and other times I go to get “beautified” at the Robert Garcia Salon. In summary, I look for peace havens or retreats to keep me away from wanting to work – yup I’m a bit of a workaholic! Until recently, my apartment was not a place I considered to be a “retreat”. It was a nice cozy apartment but standard by any measure. On a Saturday morning at La Estancia Organic Market I met Patricia Michelangeli, a Venezuelan artist from whom I acquired my first art piece and which converted my cozy standard apartment into a retreat boasting with color and positive energy. That’s what art can do and I intend on telling you all about it!

Patty is new in town having moved from Caracas, Venezuela a bit over a year ago with her two young daughters. The three of them were at the market with Patty’s beautiful abstract art and getting to meet locals. After the yummy vegetables, quiches, cheese and bread, I spotted beautiful canvases painted in such bright colors that I was immediately drawn to them. Patty let me know that she’s an established painter and her art focuses on conveying feelings and emotions through colors.

I’m such a Rookie


I’ll be honest: until recently my walls were decorated with Ikea frames and prints. BUT people grow and so have I. Attending the Chavón Gallery exhibits lately and talking to artists, I have a newfound appreciation and interest in art. Rebecca and Philip were constantly explaining how they are art converts too and it took me a while to get there, but I’m here now, and Patty’s art did that for me! After speaking with her for a while at the garden, I was convinced… I wanted one!

Commission? What’s that?

All giddy with excitement at the prospect of acquiring art, I spoke with a Chavonera that proceeded to ask if I was going to be commissioning a piece from Patty. “Commissioning? What do you mean?” See as a rookie, I didn’t even know what that was, I just knew I was moved by her work and I wanted something for myself. I came to find out that it meant exactly that. I wanted Patty to do something for me, and I knew where I wanted to place it – right by my Fiddle Leaf Fig on top of my couch!

The Process


Working with Patty was amazing. We chatted over coffee at my place where she measured my wall, threw out a bunch of ideas, we spoke about her kids, and had more coffee! She asked me questions about what I was looking for in a painting to which I responded that I needed “serenity and peace in my home with a hint or BURST of positive energy”. Patty went on her merry way and wanted to share progress throughout – I would ignore her texts and pictures because I really wanted to see it when it was done!

Bringing it home!


Having my first art piece coming to my house is the closest I’ve gotten to preparing to having a baby! I really GOT READY. I painted my walls, got my sofa cushions upholstered, shined my Fiddle Leaf Fig and put in new curtains. I was so excited! So a few weeks later, Patty visits me with my new painting and we were ready to hang it up. I’m in L-O-V-E. I was actually going to get someone to put it up, but that night I was unable to help myself. I measured the wall, took out my hammer and put it up. Opened a bottle of wine and welcomed myself in my new RETREAT! It was everything I wanted and soooo much more!

Life with Art

Patricia_Michelangeli Patricia_Michelangeli

While I’m not an art snob, connoisseur or artist (YET!), art has made me a happier person! I don’t even know how to explain it, and am sure it sounds weird, but it did. Arriving to my house to see MY beautiful, HUGE, colorful and positive piece of art just makes me happy. I often feel like Olivia Pope (Scandal reference!) eating popcorn, drinking wine and sitting in my comfy couch behind my piece by Patty!


If you are a fellow “art rookie” and want to figure out if art is for you, don’t worry as there is no need to be an expert. You just need to know that art can move people in many ways, and if a piece feels right for you, it’s probably GREAT for you! Visit the Chavón Gallery whenever there is an expo and just stroll and look. Don’t be shy and ask questions, and GET IN TOUCH WITH PATRICIA MICHELANGELI immediately (or follow her Instagram to see more of her work) if you are equally moved by her art!

On a personal note: Thank you Patty for your new friendship and for making me a little happier with your work!

Patricia Michelangeli

(809) 935-5969

[email protected]

Instagram: @pattymichelangeli



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