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Arte Fernando Tamburini

Before I came to Casa de Campo and more specifically discovered the world of art thanks to Altos de Chavón, I was the kind of person whose walls were more likely to be decorated with posters and prints from Ikea.

Today however I have developed a much stronger appreciation for art, and although I’m certainly not an art buff, know nothing about art history or indeed different genres of art, I do at least appreciate real art. Paintings, sculptures and even photographs, pieces that are one of a kind, that have a meaning, a feeling, something that provokes a reaction. And that is why I’ve recently decided that art makes a great gift.

Looking for a fun, interesting and different gift idea for Erminio Eschena, Managing Director, France, Belgium & Luxemburg for MSC Cruises, Philip and I came up with the idea of buying him a painting by Fernando Tamburini. We love Tamburini’s colorful, unique and fun interpretations of Caribbean life, but when when Tamburini didn’t have anything available that suited our needs, we decided to commission something.

And so we did! Literally giving Fernando Tamburini no more guidance than the size and a very basic idea of our concept; “the La Romana Port with an MSC Cruise Ship”, we were happy to let Tamburini run with it and we were thrilled with the result! We strongly recommend this service to everyone wanting something specific (and typically Caribbean) for themselves or as a gift! The process was quick and easy and the price very reasonable.

About Fernando Tamburini

Fernando Tamburini

Originally from Barahona a province located in the south-west of Dominican Republic, Tamburini graduated from the Altos de Chavón School Design, before moving to New York and eventually returning to the school, to work as an art teacher and later as the Director of the Altos de Chavón Art Gallery.

Tamburini works on his creations from his studio in La Romana and continues to be one of the most popular Dominican artists in the area, if not the country.

Loved for his abstract and colorful representations of Dominican culture and lifestyle, Tamburini’s art characteristically features scenes with bright, vivid colours and surreal symbols, such as the house- symbolizing security and femininity, and roses- representing purity and wholesomeness.

If you’d like to see Tamburini’s artwork you can visit his gallery in La Romana open daily, located at Calle Altagracia #6, tel. (809) 349-9889.

So perhaps next time you’re looking for an interesting gift – think art! Tamburini is a great option if you want something truly Caribbean, but you could also visit The Gallery in Altos de Chavón where “Art Chavón”, a beautiful collection of student works is currently on exhibit – starting at just US$125 they make lovely, unique gifts too.