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2014 is right around the corner! How exciting is that? Hopefully everyone is going to be able to celebrate this New Year’s Eve with their love ones, bid a fond farewell to 2013 and say “aloha” to 2014!

This very special day is celebrated all around the world, but obviously each country has their own culture and traditions, so how do Dominicans celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Even though Dominicans love to party, the Dominican Republic is actually a very religious country and for many this particular day in not only about dancing until dawn, it is also about doing a number of things to attract a good vibe for the new year. Cleaning the house, painting , clearing the closets are just a few things they do to start the new year and leave everything behind.

New Year’s Dinner

The New Year’s dinner is an important tradition. It’s the time Dominicans celebrate with their family, before the huge party!

People usually have dinner and a couple of drinks, before midnight… everyone getting ready to party and dance all night.

Basically the same line is kept and the same food you have on Christmas Eve is the same one you can have on New Year’s Eve but less formal, empanadas, roasted pork, russian salade etc. After the New yea’s dinner the real party begins.


Midnight of New Year’s Eve is know as “Cañonazo” in the Dominican Republic. A moment celebrated just like in most parts of the world with cheers and hugs. However, as Dominicans are known for being friendly and outgoing, at this time, you will see a number of people throwing themselves about in the streets, congratulating their loved ones, neighbors, friends or just people around at that particular moment.

After the “Cañonazo” many opt to go to the beach and see the sunrise, at a beach party like the famous Minitas beach party we have each year in Casa de Campo.

Looking your best

Looking your best is very important to Dominicans. So going to the store to buy new clothes for New Year’s Eve is a very important tradition. Everyone wants to look fresh for this important night, so if you are planning to buy yourself a new outfit make sure you do it in advance because the stores will the absolutely FULL!

So how are you celebrating this New Year’s Eve?

Here in Casa de Campo we have some awesome options! There’s the annual Minitas Beach Party by Praia this year with DJ Max Vangeli or the party at Plaza Portofino, in the Marina Casa de Campo with Fernando Echavarría. So come and party at either or both!!

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