Flavors of the World Bogotá 2017

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Surrounding Flavors of the World food events are always appetizing new dishes with ingredients and culinary styles unique to each visiting country, not to mention the finest chefs from each region. One needn’t take a plane ride to experience top international gastronomy when Casa de Campo brings it to your door in events throughout the year. To complete Flavors of the World Bogotá, the final event at Minitas in The Beach Club by Le Cirque taught us how Sundays ought to be done — with brunch.

Regardless of what time you wake up brunch is there waiting for you, to replenish you from a night well-spent, no doubt at last weekend’s J.Lo concert, and fill you with energy for the week ahead. Chef Mark Rausch from Criterion in “Zona G” of Bogotá, Columbia expertly prepared five mouthwatering plates that were not only affordable but well-worth ordering. Each distinct and lively, our only wish was that our bellies could have finished them all!

Octopus and Shrimp Ceviche

This Octopus and Shrimp Ceviche came in a passion fruit sauce with a bit of tiger’s milk and coconut-lemonade sorbet on top. Tender and full of flavor, it hit the spot for a light and sweet start to the day.

“Chicharron” Ceviche Fritters

These mini sandwiches included marinated pork belly and ceviche; delightfully small, you couldn’t have just one!

Colombian “Arepa” with Braised Meat

A favorite of ours was the Colombian “Arepa” with Braised Meat. Arepa – bread made of ground corn and cooked flour that’s also prominent in Venezuela, was topped with braised meat and a quail egg. It could easily be a staple lunchtime dish any day of the week.

Colombian Cheese Bread 

This Colombian Cheese Bread dish added a succulent layer of house cured salmon with a poached egg.

Classic Colombian “Guanabana” Meringue Dessert

For dessert, Chef Rausch punched up guanabana fruit in a sugary meringue. It was every sweet tooth’s delicate and deluxe finish to a Sunday brunch. 

Flavors of the World Bogotá marked the resort’s eighth country represented in Casa de Campo since their beginning in May of last year. This event saw the participation of both Chef Mark Rausch and Chef Leonor Espinosa in Thursday’s “Flying Tapas” at Coco Mar and a 6-course dinner at La Piazzetta with the support of executive chef, Anthony Masas.

The pair from Bogotá worked seamlessly together throughout the three-day affair, providing Casa de Campo with the best of their home country. We look forward to more top-notch foodie events as the resort continues its superb gastronomic journey with international chefs. Next up is Flavors of Las Rosas in June 2017!


“Flavors of the World” is a gastronomic journey highlighting the collection of casual, gourmet, and fine-dining options available at Casa de Campo. It is a monthly occurrence that began in May 2016 where internationally-renowned chefs work alongside the resort’s creative culinary team, led by Executive Chef Anthony Masas, in the creation of unique, weekend-long culinary affairs featuring a different flavor of the world. This gives us foodies the opportunity to mingle with globally-recognized talent and feed our bellies with delicious food creations!

  • Flavors of Las Rosas: June
  • Flavors of London: July
  • Flavors of Rome: August
  • Flavors of New Orleans: October
  • Flavors of Bangkok: November

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