Hogar del Nino Annual Weekend

What a COOL way to spend the weekend!! Hogar del Niño had some incredible events planned for us. We sure hope you didn’t miss any of them!

The Hogar del Niño is a children’s daycare and educational center for over 1,500 children located in the town of La Romana, just outside of Casa de Campo. Children as young as just a few weeks old up to 18 years are cared for and educated daily, as early as 5:30am to as late as 7pm. They are a non profit organization, and are funded through international and national private donations. They also aid their programs through fundraisers, the Annual Hogar del Niño Weekend being one of them. This year was their 19th edition!

Congratulations and thank you, Hogar del Niño for an amazing weekend and the wonderful work of love you do!!

Let’s RECAP some of the events and stay tuned for all of our coverage articles and pictures throughout the week.

100 Years of Sinatra — New event this year!!

Picture courtesy of Angel Garcia from Medios Pigat

A wonderful concert by Victor Mitrovin took place in honor of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday at SBG’s special dinner held in La Marina. Music by the water and SBG’s divine menu spelled success.

Golf Tournament

Picture courtesy of Mariana Heredia

The annual Hogar del Niño Weekend Golf Tournament teed off in the La Romana Country Club. Some of the children from Hogar del Niño were present at the event, and it was a pleasure to see their smiling faces on the course.

MTB Bike Marathon

Picture courtesy of Mariana Heredia

The MTB marathon started at La Romana Country Club as well, where lots of children and adults joined in on the fun, experiencing Casa de Campo in a new way. Cycling for a good cause was full of energy, joy, and friendship!

Tennis Tournament

Picture courtesy of Bryan De La Cruz

The Annual Hogar del Niño Weekend Tennis Tournament brought Casa de Campo community members out for a healthy dose of competition and exercise. Ladies and gents enjoying swinging a racket in the name of the kids.

Casa de Campo Motocross Track Inauguration!!

Photos courtesy of Bryan De La Cruz

As part of the activities, Casa de Campo inaugurated its new Motocross Track! This event was organized as a joint effort of One Way Bike, Boxeracing, and Hogar del Niño… and boy did they deliver!! It was awesome. Make sure you get on over there and check it out if you haven’t, enjoying the best of Casa!

Dinner Dance Party

Picture courtesy of Sarah Pelegrin

The annual Hogar del Niño Weekend Dinner Dance Party was one of the closing events of the weekend, and featured an award ceremony for the various tournaments that took place earlier in the day. The children of Hogar del Niño were present in colorful and bright costumes to the theme of ‘Under the Sea’!

Remember you don’t have to wait until a special event or fundraiser to help and support the children of Hogar del Niño. Below is their contact information. Call today to see how you can help!

Hogar del Niño

Tel: (809) 523-8901 or (809) 556-3181

Email: info@pbo.org.do

Website: www.hogardelnino.com

Principle photo courtesy of Mariana Heredia.