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Varela wows again

Fernando Varela art

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Fernando Varela artLast Saturday February 8th, Fernando Varela wowed us with the opening of an exhibit of his most recent works “Forma y Vacio”.

Within the last year, Fernando Varela, one of the Dominican Republic’s most successful artists, has hosted a number of cocktail parties – opportunities to showcase his works to the greater Casa de Campo community. But none have been as surprising as this most recent exhibition, made up of oil paintings sketches and sculptures all belonging to his new series Forma y Vacio.

Although still distinctively “Varela” in style, Forma y Vacio is strikingly different.

Fernando Varela“Working on a  sculpture is very different from a painting or a drawing. You work with different materials, and the end product actually relies on the work of other people.

It is a process that transports you to a different level of creation, one in which the creation is determined by everything that the artist conceives.

By using different mediums such as drawing, collage, painting and sculpture I am able to express the same feeling of Forma y Vacio, while also offering a diversity which allows for better comprehension of what the artist is looking to portray.”

Fernando Varela

In attendance at the gathering, sponsored by SILGON, modern media company with CasaLife and Casa de Campo Living, were a varied cross-section of the community. A jovial mix of European Casa de Campo villa owners, as well as Americans and of course Dominicans, who enjoyed a champagne toast and a mutual admiration for art.

The following collection of photos were taken at Espacio 7, Fernando Verelas art gallery on the Calle Barlovento of the Marina Casa de Campo: 

Another art event coming soon is Art Chavon 2014, the annual fundraiser for the Altos de Chavon Cultural Foundation. Taking place on Thursday February 27th at The Gallery in Altos de Chavon, Art Chavon is a gala evening with a magnificent display of artworks by the students and artists in residence of the Altos de Chavon School – with pieces for sale and included in the silent auction. Click here for more details.

Recent Works: Drawings and Paintings

Forma y Vacio Fernando VarelaIt is a set born from “Forma y Vacío” (“Form and Emptiness”), that great collage-installation exhibited at the MAM (Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo) in early 2013, and from the set of small collages that accompanied it. The perfect relationship between the cut shape and the space that arises from this intervention, and that we see it moves to various and diverse sets and combinations.

In “Recent works”, the pieces preserve their essential premises: the antagonistic, the dual that comes from the unity and transforms in triad; the male and the female, the creation and origin of life, or new forms and new lives. Like Hegel, Varela conceives the reality formed by opposites. Every new piece seems like a variant that was preceded, but in them it is expressed that old philosophical problem of change, the evolution, and also the old question of how to understand rationally that one thing, in this case a form, can change appearance and  it is still the same thing. Seeing Varela’s recent works and retaking Hegel, we can conclude the “encounter” between opposites leads to new approaches and new possibilities as it has been expressed through time by scholars of dialectic.

We said that “Forma y Vacío” was a collage-installation, on this occasion Varela widens the languages and addresses the subject, of diligent manner, from the perspective of painting and drawing. His exploration also covers the three-dimensional plane and the mobile.  We are knowledgeable of the capabilities and dominance of different artistic languages that Varela executes with mastery and delicacy. Precise stroke like a surgeon. Reserved in the use of color, we are accustomed to the chromatic austerity with which he expresses himself. The impeccable application of the paint, the dominance of the technique, glazes in which some cases give the appearance of paper to the painted canvas, endow the pieces of exquisite plasticity and soft texture.

Forma y Vacio Fernando Varela

The foregoing is the meeting place between the forms and the emptiness, the relationships between the point and line, the black and white, the protagonist elements of the set. There is a pedagogy of communication on these pieces, yet apart from the knowledge that we have about Varela’s work. By looking closely on each piece we observe that the elements articulate in a correlational game and derivation between the plane and the line on the paintings and drawings; and between the spatial and kinetic, in the case of the sculptures, all with the mediation of the contrasts and circular compositions. Even the linear that could be interpreted as much as conclusion or beginning.

We see ourselves in front of a work of profound reflections with ludic spirit, even if ludic was not the artist’s intention. Personally each piece traps us, it has nothing to do with the environment, instead with the way of speaking and reflect of the artist. In the first instance it is the challenge of wanting to understand rationally, transit through the weave of the work, is in that space where I find the ludic moment, and then be absorbed and full.

Clara Caminero K.,
Independent Curator, 2014.

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