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Hurricane Season 2017 has officially started!

Last week on June 1st, the start of  the 2017 “Hurricane Season” began. Some of you might question how is that possible since it’s been so incredibly hot lately?! Well, coming into hurricane season doesn’t mean constant rain — it just means that when it does rain it’ll be stronger and more consistent than other times of the year. We plan on […]

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State of Emergency: Heavy Rain is taking a toll on Puerto Plata and the North Coast

A state of emergency has been declared by President Danilo Medina for the northern region of the Dominican Republic as heavy rains have continued to fall over the past two weeks causing wide spread flooding and evacuation. Using data from satellites, specifically studying the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM), NASA was able to record that 9 inches of rain fell […]

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Hurricane Matthew: Category 3 storm headed through Florida

As of 2 a.m. this morning, Hurricane Matthew has downgraded to a Category 3 storm with top winds sustained at 120 mph. As one of the most dangerous hurricanes to hit Florida since 2004, President Obama declared a state of emergency, while Florida Governor Rick Scott advised everyone to evacuate. So far everyone living on the coast of Florida, Georgia […]

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Hurricane Matthew is now Far Away: All You Need to Know at this point

Hurricane Matthew is one of the most dangerous hurricanes that we have come across for the last couple of years. There have been numerous reported deaths, and thousands have been evacuated. As predicted, the large mountainous islands caused Matthew to weaken on Tuesday night going down to a Category 3 hurricane, but it is gaining strength.

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Hurricane Matthew: What Has Happened and What To Expect

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the 2016 hurricane season in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean runs from June 1st through November 30th. Hurricane Matthew is the 13th hurricane to have formed this season, and since its announcement last week has had everyone on the edge of their seats charting its course. Just recently we’ve been able to […]

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Welcome to September

Welcome September! This is the month when it starts to feel a little cooler, but it’s also the month where Casa de Campo’s jetset crowd start to drift back! And what does that mean? Fun. That’s what it means! In Casa de Campo it’s certainly is a case of the more the merrier! The more people […]