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A Spiritual Retreat with Shaman Tupaq Songo

Shaman Retreat at Casa de Campo featured

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Shaman Retreat

Recently, Casa de Campo had the pleasure of hosting the Holistic Bikini Bootcamp Retreat geared at helping you achieve happiness, healthiness and physical fitness with Kyra Montagu, Director of the Casa de Campo Spa. In one month’s time, a new retreat for all of our community yogis out there will travel to us from overseas and allow us the experience of spiritual healing and self-discovery with Shaman Tupag Songo.

Tupaq Songo, a shaman (or huachumera, a practicer of divination and miracle healing) hails from Peru and an ancient lineage of healers. He has been chosen many times as the ‘Ambassador’ of the Shamans of Peru and travels the globe representing them. Tupaq will be coming to the Dominican Republic, sharing his wisdom and techniques with those who care to embark on a life changing experience. His complete journey is composed of four sessions of 4-5 days in length throughout the month of February in different parts of the island, and all include special activities and diets to cleanse your body and soul. Tupaq enlightens participants how to connect with the four elements of air, water, earth, and fire, and ends each retreat with insight into Andean cosmology, where man and nature live in harmony and perpetual interrelation.

Shaman Retreat Casa de Campo

He will be traveling to the North Coast, Jarabacoa, the southern part of the island, and the East, which takes place in La Romana and hosted by Ki-Ra Holistic Living. Kyra Montagu looks forward to the retreat by revealing:

“We will be sound healing, medicine wheeling, learning and inquiring into the healing qualities of plant medicines and spending beautiful and quality time in each other’s company.”

Check out the complete ceremony schedule available at Ki-Ra and relieve yourself of stress, anxiety, and any ailments that prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

It is recommended a diet of only fruit and vegetables be consumed two weeks to a month before commencing the retreat. Avoid meat and dairy products, chemical drugs, alcohol, as well as salt and sugar. Fasting for a day and a half, with only an intake of water, until two hours before the ceremony will allow the medicine to work better in the body. During the retreat, a light diet of fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, water, and a vegetarian sancocho (following the ceremony) will be provided.

In addition, yogis will receive the benefit of private consultation with the Shaman, as well as Huachuma Healing, Sound Healing, Flower Healing, Kyuha Healing, Nature Walks, and Storytelling around a camp fire. Limited spaces are available so it is encouraged to book your retreat as soon as possible. Connect to your mind, body and soul.

Shaman Healing with Tupaq Songo -4th Session La Romana

Ki-Ra logoDuration: 4 days and 3 nights, February 24th – 27th

Where: Ki-Ra Holistic Living, Boca de Chavon

Cost: US$500 (approximate)

Contact: Kyra Montagu at [email protected] or 809-666-8661


Thursday, February 25th

Sharing, Connecting and Energetic healing with fire element, purification of body and spirit

Friday, February 26th

Connecting and Energetic healing with water element, Kyuha Healing (cosmos activation through the body)

Saturday, February 27th

Conecting and Energetic healing with air element; Sound therapy purification of body and spirit

Sunday, February 28th

Resting and sharing the wisdom of Andean cosmology

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