Flavors of the World Minitas Beach Party
Like its predecessor – Flavors of the World Miami beach party, Saturday’s BBQ at Minitas for Flavors of the World Mexico was a big hit! Chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo from Nicos in D.F. knew how to bring the best of Mexico City street food to the coast of the Dominican Republic. Not your average quesadillas, Chef Gerardo served up something special in his edition of Flavors of the World this past Saturday.

Under a sizzling sun, relaxing beach vacationers enjoyed chatting with the friendly chef and getting some recommended foodie suggestions as they topped their quesadillas or tostadas with Picadillo, Rajas poblanas, Cuitlacoche, and charred mushrooms. Not to mention washing down these tasty dishes with Brugal mojitos, tequila or vodka cocktails!

Off to the distance,Tabacalera de Garcia set up a Montecristo booth, allowing customers to sample a variety of their lines, like the popular White Series that added a creamy and flavorful addition to the afternoon’s gastronomy event. Casa de Campo Flavors of the World weekends continue in November with Portugal, and round off an incredible series with Peru. This week brings more coverage of Flavors of the World Mexico, including a dinner at Plaza Chavón and Sunday brunch at The Beach Club by Le Cirque. So stay in touch! The following pictures were taken by Alejandro Heredia on Saturday, September 17th at Minitas Beach during Flavors of the World Mexico: The following pictures are provided by Casa de Campo Resort and were taken on Saturday, September 17th at Minitas Beach during Flavors of the World Mexico: [nggallery id=2679] *More Pictures! * Flavors of the World Mexico Beach Party, pictures taken by Armando Larrauri on Saturday, September 17th at Minitas Beach [nggallery id=2694]


“Flavors of the World” is a gastronomic journey highlighting the collection of casual, gourmet, and fine-dining options available at Casa de Campo. It is a monthly occurrence through November where internationally-renowned chefs work alongside the resort’s creative culinary team, led by Executive Chef Anthony Masas, in the creation of unique, weekend-long culinary affairs featuring a different flavor of the world. This gives us foodies the opportunity to mingle with globally-recognized talent and feed our bellies with delicious food creations!
  • Flavors of Peru: November 18-20
  • Flavors of Portugal: December 2-4 – FINAL EVENT
To book your reservation for the next “Flavors of the World” event call the resort directly at (855) 877-3643, (800) 336-5520, or (809) 523-3333 ext. 3165 and 3166.