Featured Image — Plan your Easter Break in Casa

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The days of sipping mimosas and snacking on pastelitos by the pool are upon us. We’ve waited long and hard for spring break to finally arrive and we aren’t taking any chances. Our bags are packed and we’ve got just what you need to plan your Easter Break in Casa!

Grab those sunglasses, bikinis, and tanning oil and make your way to Pamilla. Every time we’re there we can’t imagine living anywhere else…

Palmillaso: a drones-eye view of the party

Remember when we captured Palmilla’s view from above? Yachts are anchored side to side and there’s nothing quite like boat hopping! See more of the cool shots here…

If just tanning isn’t your thing, many from the La Romana – Bayahibe area are partaking in the Fishing Tournament this Thursday – Sunday. Competitors will compete to catch the biggest fish with prizes going to the Top 5! Pack a lunch and spend the day out on the water trying for the greatest catch of all.

Also on Thursday, the DR Polo Challenge- Caribbean Open continues. As is tradition for over a decade, this Saturday of Semana Santa is time for the best polo match of the year. Last year, CasaLife presented the XI Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa that brought polo events in the Dominican Republic to a new level of awesomeness – this year the stakes are even higher as the level of play and competition brings about the best in the Caribbean. We are eager to see Cinque Terre and Lechuza compete Thursday in Casa at 4:30pm as we await the finals on Saturday!

CasaLife presents… THE video & more photos of the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa

In case any of you out there were either a) unable to attend or b) haven’t seen any of our prior coverage. Here’s a quick rundown of this occasion to help you understand just how awesome it was…

Friday brings with it the adventure of Night Golf. See golf balls soar through the night sky on the Teeth of the Dog’s driving range, and make friendly bets with your friends who can hit it the furthest. Extra points for scoring it through an LED lit hoop as it takes off!

As we travel into and within Casa, let’s remember the importance of safe-driving! With the influx of residents and guests ready to relax and enjoy good times, accidents are no fun and caution can avoid many of them. Here are some Semana Santa 2016 driving tips by Jose Calzada, Senior VP of Casa de Campo Real Estate:

  • Drive with caution and at low speed as there are children, golf carts, bicycles and people walking around the resort
  • Minors should not be driving vehicles
  • Preference should be given to the elderly, golf carts and bicycles
  • Do not throw trash on the street
  • Stop at all the speed bumps; they are there to slow us down for a reason
  • Park only in designated places, and not in anyone’s gardens or villa entries
  • Do not drive in the wrong lane
  • We should not honk the horn
  • Do not carry out races or leave tire marks!

Marc Anthony’s “Live!” concert is bringing in thousands of fans this Saturday!! Be prepared as Casa welcomes new guests and get ready for another AMAZING concert! Our love for Latin superstar is reciprocated considering he recently bought a villa here, and he has been a longtime supporter of the Orfanato Niños de Cristo. Marc Anthony’s foundation, Maestro Cares is hosting a benefit dinner THIS THURSDAY at SBG all in the name of the Niños de Cristo. You still have the chance to purchase your ticket for the dinner at the Villa Owner’s Club, where you not only have the opportunity to see Marc Anthony up close, but support a wonderful cause close to his heart.

Marc Anthony & Juan Luis Guerra & Visit Niños de Cristo

We loved it when Marc Anthony and Juan Luis Guerra visited the orphanage of Niños de Cristo back in December. View pictures of them here hanging with the children and even painting a mural.

Throughout the week, the night is alive just as much as the day. Genesis has non-stop parties starting TONIGHT. Highlights include international artists like the Gipsy Kings on Friday and DJ EU on Saturday, who will form the official Marc Anthony after party concert.

Casa de Campo is full of events and we are ready to rock them all!