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Have you experienced the natural wilderness of the Chavón river? How about feeling the gentle flow of the water beneath your feet as your eyes feast on the beauty that surrounds you? Well then maybe it’s time you explore the Chavón river, and how better than on SUP board?

Having enjoyed the view of the Chavón river from Altos de Chavón, as well as on a speedboat voyage from Minitas Beach (click here to read about that), when I found out that Bayahibe SUP offered a trip up the Chavón river – I jumped at the opportunity to give it a shot!

What I didn’t realise was that just getting there was going to be an adventure! Leaving from Casa de Campo, we met Mari (the Sweedish owner of Bayahibe SUP) at La Estancia and from there we jumped in her car, drove through Benerito and then through the Dominican wilderness to Gato, which is where Wild Ranch is located. At Gato we headed down to the riverbank and hey presto it was time to paddle!

Having already taken SUP classes with Bayahibe SUP a few years back, we set off straight away – but for novice SUP-ers this would be a great place to learn; the water is very calm and learning to SUP is easy as 1-2-3! (You can CLICK here to read all about learning to SUP).

Although we started off paddling up stream, the current wasn’t strong at all, so it was a nice easy paddle, allowing us to relax, chat and enjoy the beautiful Dominican countryside surrounding us.

It was a really relaxing, enjoyable experience that I really do recommend to anyone wanting to explore the Dominican Republic, do something a little different and get a bit of exercise on the way.

Bayahibe SUP

¿What?: Explore the beautiful Dominican nature with an excursion on a SUP board!

Location: Bayahibe (20 minutes drive away from Casa)


  • Bayahibe: US$50 p/p
  • Chavón River: US$70 p/p

Contact: (809) 609-4045,

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