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Unique exhibitions on display this Friday at La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

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On November 18th at 7pm the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima, directed by Dominican womenswear designer Jenny Polanco, will be opening two exhibitions: DISEÑANÍA Diseño + Artesania (design + crafts) and GUANEANDO presented by the Cultural Center of Spain (Centro Cultural de España) and the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, INTEC). Both exhibitions were part of the Bienal de Diseño DRD held in Santo Domingo, and not only showcase but recognize the importance of uniting design and craft for the development of new, innovative products made with locally found materials and manufactured by locals as well.

In Diseñanía a large group of designers will show their work made by mixing various materials and techniques. In this exhibition, you’ll find works by Zagarella, Joao Rodríguez, Vainillas, Jenny Polanco, Los Tejedores and La Buena Fe. Jenny Polanco is a longtime member of our community and we’ve been able to follow how she constantly innovates her clothing and accessories collections and also features local artists in her stores. Los Tejedores and La Buena Fe were recently here in Casa, as part of the Altos de Chavón Fall Fest.

Los Tejedores at the Altos de Chavón Fall Fest

Los Tejedores at the Altos de Chavón Fall Fest

In Guaneando, designers from different disciplines face the challenge of creating a product based on guano – a type of palm tree most commonly found in tropical countries. The leaves of this palm are used to build the roofs of rural houses, and for the manufacture of hats, baskets, fans, brooms, etc. Old stems are used for housing construction. The artists visited El Limón, a community of Mata del Jobo in Santiago Rodríguez, where guano artisans work. The pieces that are shown belong to José Durán, Trapitos de Sofia, Orlando Isaac, Michelle Urtecho, Madame Blanco (who also participated in the Altos de Chavón Fall Fest), Tuto and Carola and Mateo5. Below you will find a video of each of the artists talking about their experience with this project and how they experimented with each of their own crafts to create unique pieces with this very versatile natural material.

Don’t miss this exhibition which celebrates Dominican art, design, artists and artisans open to the public from November 18th through December 18th.


What: Opening of the exhibitions DISEÑANÍA Diseño + Artesania (design + crafts) and GUANEANDO

When: November 18th, 7:00pm

Where: La Aldea Cutural Santa Rosa de Lima

The Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima is on the left immediately as you cross the bridge over the Salao river entering La Romana. It is a white building which looks a little like a fortress (hence the former name – La Fortaleza). To get to it you need to be on the side of the road heading back out of La Romana, before crossing the bridge you turn right and cross over the railway tracks.

The exhibitions will be open to the public from November 18th until December 18th.

For more information about the two exhibition you can visit the website, twitter account @disenoRD and Facebook page Diseño República Dominicana

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