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True Italian food is one that cannot be matched. It’s been over 15 years since Mrs. Maria Di Maio, La Mamma of Limoncello brought part of her homeland in Naples to Casa de Campo. Located on Plaza Portofino in the Marina Casa de Campo, Limoncello offers diners a gorgeous setting and luxury in cuisine.

Limoncello casabe

As always we got to enjoy Limoncello’s famous focaccia before our meal. Slightly salty and crunchy, it’s served with the most flavorful and aromatic homemade tomato sauce. So good, it’s hard not to fill up on this speciality starter dish.

Insalata Di Pollo, Quinoa E Vegetali

Limoncello quinoa

Limoncello distinguishes itself for its great selection of salads. We started with the the chicken salad with quinoa, tomato, cucumber, carrot, paprika, onion, sour cream and Manchego. It’s a perfectly light, yet richly flavored appetizer that surprises with a crunchy texture. The grilled chicken with sour cream dressing provides a slight sourness to the overall dish.

Parmigiana Di Melanzane

Limoncello parmigiana

Next, we tasted a classical Italian Mediterranean dish of eggplant parmesan with homemade tomato sauce. The texture is so soft and creamy!! Parmesan cheese is baked into a delicious crust on the outside.

Ravioli Di Spigola Con Salsa Alle Vongole E Pomodoro Fresco

Limoncello Pomodoro

We couldn’t possibly do a tasting at Limoncello and not try their pasta! A ravioli with tender  sea bass filling, mussel sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes roused our palates. The dense, slightly salty mussel sauce complimented the sea bass filling, and was adorned with well seasoned mussels. We can see why Maria Di Maio chooses all the ingredients herself!

Orata Alla Mediterranea

Limoncello Orata

Staying true to its Mediterranean roots, the restaurant knows how to cook Sea Bream with style. Marinated with oregano, capers, olives, garlic and parsley, the fish oozed flavor and melted in our mouths. Accompanied with vegetable vinaigrette there was no dull moment.

Risotto Alla Milanese Con Ossobuco

Limoncello Risoto

Moving along to meat, we enjoyed classic Ossobuko – cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. It is traditionally accompanied with risotto alla milanese, the saffron-infused risotto that is the pride of Milan. Cooked  and braised to perfection, the Ossobuco was a standout entrée with creamy risotto.

Costolette Di Agnello Con Panna , Limone E Rosmarino

Limoncello Costolette

The rack of lamb cooked in heavy cream, lemon, and rosemary excited our taste buds. We recommend this dish with a full bodied red wine for an excellent evening and dinner selection.

Just like every good Italian meal, we finished with espresso and homemade limoncello. Yes; not only the restaurant got its name from a liqueur in southern Italy. Limoncello also makes their own liqueur in house which beckons all with lovely flavor and aroma. It is simply delicious!

Plan your weekend with a dinner date at Limoncello to enjoy all the Italian delicacies they have to offer!

The Story Behind Limoncello

Featured Image Limoncello Naples

For over 15 years, Il Limoncello has been the Casa De Campo Italian go-to place to dine. With Limonchello’s La Mamma at the helm, plus authentic Italian food and the perfect location in the Plaza Portofino there’s no surprise. We decided to go down memory lane and see where it all began…Read more here!

*Thank you to Laura Perdomo for these mouthwatering pictures!



Where: Plaza Portofino, Marina Casa de Campo

Opening times:

Daily, 10am – 12am (midnight)


Tel: (809) 523-2299