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Limoncello, enduring success in the Marina Casa de Campo

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Limoncello_1Of all the restaurants in the Marina, Limoncello has stood the test of time

There is something about Limoncello that keeps customers coming back time and time again. You see this restaurant does not see the need to “spice it up” or follow new-fangled fancy trends, they stand on the grounds of tradition, and it is perhaps exactly this that people love; the familiarity, the comfort, the reliability.

The following article, published originally in our sister magazine, TODO Casa de Campo, issue #10, is a simple review which reveals exactly why Limoncello has held it’s own within the Casa de Campo dining scene.

Limoncello featured in TODO Casa de Campo #10

Limoncello, an enduring success

Limoncello_4For nearly 15 years, Limoncello has led the way as the ‘Italian joint’ in the Plaza Portofino, their classic menu an attraction for those villa owners and visitors who come just a few times a year, knowing they can rely on their favorite dish still being on the menu.

Their most popular choice is undoubtedly the pizzas; thin and crispy and laden with fresh delicious ingredients. They’re good enough that if you close your eyes you can imagine you’re in Rome, but then open your eyes and you’ll find yourself back in paradise, arguably much better!

And while there can be no doubt that Limoncello does indeed serve excellent pizzas and pastas of all kinds, there are a number of other excellent choices.For example, such is the variety and yummy-ness of their salads, Limoncello is actually known for them! One of our favorites is the prosciutto, pear and feta salad, while the blue cheese salad is very good too.


We also really enjoy their ceviche and octopus… And many other specialties for that matter. Ever true to their longstanding reputation, at Limoncello whatever you choose, you simply cannot go wrong. 

Il Limoncello

Where: Plaza Portofino, Marina Casa de Campo

Opening times:

  • Daily, 10am – 12am (midnight)
  • Wednesday open from 3pm

Contact: (809) 523-2299

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