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Jenny Polanco is a well-known fashion designer locally and abroad for ready-to-wear and couture, what you may not know is that she also promotes all cultural events in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic, and invites us to a presentation by Koribe tomorrow night, June 11th at 7pm in La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima as part of the activities of this year’s Fiestas Patronales of San Antonio de Padua.

As you are well aware, the Dominican Republic is known for its piety and cultural traditions, and every city has their own church with a saint’s name attached. Each year, individual communities celebrate fiestas patronales in honor of their patron saint of the Catholic Church. Currently ongoing until June 13th is the celebration for San Antonio de Padua, the Buena Vista Norte Patron Saint.

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Everyday there are different activities both religious and cultural which we are all invited to. Tomorrow in La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima, the Koribe choir of the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Culture will perform. They are a group of very talented members who also performed at the cultural center’s inauguration back in 2014.

Join us and La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima to honor and celebrate San Antonio de Padua, and also to continuing to support our cultural heritage promoted with such admiration by the center and Jenny Polanco. Don’t miss the impressive performance of Koribe tomorrow night at 7pm!!

Koribe Flyer

Koribe at La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

To perform as part of the activities commemorating Fiestas Patronales San Antonio de Padua

When: Saturday June 11th, 7pm

Where: La Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

Free admission

Hope born from despair: Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

Roberto Weill, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Philip Silvestri

“A negative memory, of embarrassment, of pain,” is how José Antonio Rodríguez, Minister of Culture, describes La Fortaleza jail, the building which once stood where today the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima is open. Read complete article here.

Opening of “Una Otra Romana” by Arq. Fini at Aldea Cultural

Una Otra Romana Group Header

The photo exhibition “Una Otra Romana” (Another Romana), a photo-report consisting of 47 photographs taken by the artist Gianfranco Fini, designer of the Marina Casa de Campo, was successfully inaugurated at the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima in La Romana. Read complete article here