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International Swim and Water Therapy, an educational program that provides communities a ‘Learn to Swim’ and a ‘Water Safety’ curriculum as well as ’Water Therapy’ services to people of all ages and abilities, is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary! Founder and Director of International Swim and Water Therapy, Hortensia V. Aguirre wants to thank everybody who has trusted and supported her all these years:

“In these past 20 years, I have had the privilege to work with extraordinary people. These wonderful people have nurtured me as a human being, and they have enriched my abilities to teach how to swim to hundreds of individuals.

For this reason, I want to celebrate, share my gratefulness with everyone who has supported me, accompanied me in this journey of challenges and lessons as well as development where I have been granted the most precious gift a person can give me, their trust.

In these 20 years, I have also developed and studied the pedagogy of aquatic therapies for kids and adults either it’s an able body or a disable one as well as special needs. After readapting people with disabilities to the water, either kids or adults with paralyzed bodies, I have learned an important lesson. Those ‘disabilities’ are a wake-up call to remind each of us that we are absolute beings and that the only thing that can ever stop us is ourselves; something easy to say, read but marvelous to experience with my students and clients.

In these 20 years, the truth is that is not me the one who has been the teacher yet each of you. It has been me the one who has been honored to learn how to help and assist you with every goal and challenge that life has had and given us. I am, therefore, forever grateful for your belief in me and for having worked throughout these 20 years simply by referral, by word of mouth making me the apprentice, the actual student.

Thank you all for these 20 years of companionship, friendship, generosity, and understanding.”

Here you can read a little more about Hortensia, the founder and director of International Swim:

Hello I’m Hortensia!

Hortensia is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is now half American and half Argentinean since she moved to The States as an adolescent.

Hortensia has always been exposed to the water and to teaching methods due to the fact that she’s been self-motivated to swim in her childhood and aid at summer camps. Also, she has been an observer of her older sister who certainly inspired her and who taught how to swim to lots of children in her home-based pool in Argentina.

Hortensia has a background of twenty years now working independently in Miami with infants, kids, adults and people with special needs.

Throughout the years, she has developed a special faculty where she manages and excels the students’ potential in the water. She states: “I can teach, lead and deliver swimming education in one class where others do it in three to five classes.”

Hortensia’s services are not only a “Learn to Swim” program, but various “Water Therapy” methods for those in pain, post surgery or injuries.

Hortensia has been also hired overseas to deliver her expertise with renowned Casa de Campo families. Moreover, she’s flown her services to New York and Washington D.C.

There’s no better time than the present to get those muscles moving in comfortable and healthy ways, and learn or improve upon the fundamentals of swimming. Private and group lessons are available, and can be arranged by contacting Hortensia. Call to register for lessons today!

International Swim and Water Therapy by Hortensia V. Aguirre

When: February 28th to March 6th