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International Swim & Water Therapy celebrates its 20th anniversary saving lives, one individual at a time.

International Swim and Water Therapy, an educational program that provides communities a ‘Learn to Swim’ and a ‘Water Safety’ curriculum as well as ’Water Therapy’ services to people of all ages and abilities, is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary! Founder and Director of International Swim and Water Therapy, Hortensia V. Aguirre wants to thank everybody […]

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Swimming Lessons & Water Therapy available in March in Casa de Campo!

Swim season in the Dominican Republic last all year. We dig our year-around warm weather and frequent opportunities for beach weekends when we’re in the mood, so there’s no better reason for us and those closest to us to know how to swim and enjoy a better relationship with the water.

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Swimming lessons & water therapy in Casa de Campo 

Hortensia V. Aguirrewith her company “International Swim and Water Therapy” will be in Casa de Campo and La Romana From Friday March 20th until Friday March 27th. Learning to swim, as well as being a fun activity is also an essential skill in the human being’s repertoire, as it is very useful for the psychomotor development […]