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Looking for a quick and easy weight loss tip? Try drinking vegetable juice. Adding at least one low-sodium glass of vegetable juice to your diet can help boost weight loss not to mention boost your veggie and vitamin intake for the day. I’m personally not a fan of store bought juices and recommend you make your own, all you need is a juicer some veggies and a few minutes. The best time to drink vegetable juice is straight from the juicer before it starts losing it’s nutrients, on an empty stomach and at least 20 minutes before eating anything else so your body has time to take advantage of the full effects of the vitamins.

Here’s one of my favorite juice recipes:

3 carrots
3 celery stalks
1 beet, skinned
1 cucumber
1/4 red cabbage
1 red apple
1 handful green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, collards)

Play around with different vegetables, carrots, beets and apples will help add sweetness to your juice and cabbage and celery will help neutralize your body’s ph level. Carrots and cucumbers make great bases for a juice and you can build upon them by adding some of your favorite vegetables to the mix!

This article was contributed
by Jacqueline M. Banks.