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With all the new recent openings going on in Casa, you’re likely to find yourself checking out Sangria with a drink in hand, the single easiest way to gain weight. The good news is that making  an informed decision on which cocktails to stick with will keep the extra calories at bay.

So I’ll work from the bottom up and make it easier to know which ones to stay away from, you’ll be surprised at how many calories some of your favorite concoctions can add up to, some even add up to as many calories as a big mac! Here’s a list of the most popular, and most fattening cocktails, you might want to have a seat before reading this:
  • Long Island Ice Tea: 780 calories.
  • Margarita: 740 calories
  • Pina Colada: 644 calories
  • Mai Tai: 350 calories
  • Gin/Vodka Tonic: 220 calories
  • Mojito: 160 calories
  • Cosmopolitan: 150 calories

The best way to cut down on unnecessary calories is to keep things simple, try vodka on the rocks with a splash of lemon and soda or fresh squeezed juice. Opt for wine spritzers instead of a glass of wine which can range from 125-150 calories and light beer instead of the original version. If you’re looking for something with a little more pizazz try a Midori fizz, 1 oz. Midori topped with Club soda or a glass of champagne which weighs in at a mere 85 calories.  And of course the same tip for staying sober helps cut calories, alternate each cocktail with a glass of water. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

This article was contributed
by Jacqueline M. Banks.