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A happy & healthy Café de la Leche with Boutique de Bordado & Martinaturally

Martina Avanzini, Rebecca Hughes, Viktorija Seijas, Jorien Van Der Meij

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Martina Avanzini, Rebecca Hughes, Viktorija Seijas, Jorien Van Der MeijWho doesn’t want to be happy and healthy!? Which is why we are so excited about the upcoming Café de la Leche celebration being hosted by Boutique de Bordado (bespoke embroidery service) and Martinaturally – a brand new business being launched by Martina Avanzini de Pinto. 

Jorien Van Der Meij and Viktorija Seijas, founders of Boutique de Bordado, and Martina Avanzini de Pinto, creator of Martinaturally, are not only young, gorgeous and energetic, but are also healthy and happy – something which they will be sharing with you at this October edition of the Café de la Leche!

This “happy and healthy” Café de la Leche will be celebrated on Friday October 10th from 5pm – 7pm at the home of Jorien Van Der Meij, El Polo 9. As always the gathering will collect milk supplies for the Hogar del Niño’s Crib Room, but on this occasion the Hogar del Niño will get even more… During the gathering Boutique de Bordado will be showcasing their embroidery products and services, and for any orders placed during the event – 10% will be donated to the Hogar del Niño!

Jorien van der Meij and Viktorija Seijas

Martina Avanzini Martinaturally“The Cafe de la Leche is a great event. It’s beneficial for both sides- while having good time! All three of us are starting our businesses in Casa de Campo and it’s a great opportunity to promote our services, while also contributing to Hogar del Niño. We are impressed with how nice Hogar del Niño is and how a little help makes such a huge impact on other people lives!” Explained Viktorija and Jorien of Boutique de Bordado.

Meanwhile, Martina of Martinaturally added: “We want to involve the younger community of Casa de Campo to participate in this event and at the same time contribute to a beautiful cause. What Hogar del Niño has done over the years is admirable, they have proven that together we can make a difference. Café de la Leche creates a ripple effect to support the children of Hogar del Niño and we definitely want to be a part of this.”

So what can we expect from a “healthy and happy” Café de la Leche?

“As we are collaborating with Martinaturally we will have healthy, but delicious food. We believe in a happy and healthy lifestyle, and happiness for us lies in simple things- such as sharing time with friends or being in nature. Our Café de la Leche will be hosted in the garden – so we recommend people to wear comfortable shoes!” Revealed Viktorija and Jorien about the upcoming event.

Café de la Leche

When: Friday October 10th, 5pm – 7pm

Where: El Polo 9, Casa de Campo

Contribution: Milk, formula, cereals or RD$750

Contact: 809-523-8901, [email protected]

Remember! Check for the complete calendar of events and activities!

During the gathering Boutique de Bordado will be showcasing their embroidery products and services, and for any orders placed during the event – 10% will be donated to the Hogar del Niño!

AND Martinaturally will be offering a FREE introductory consultation to discuss the health and life goals of all those in attendance!


So while we all already know about Boutique de Bordado, a personalised embroidery service here in Casa de Campo and La Romana, Martina’s business is brand new – so what is it all about?


“I have always been interested in health and how to improve this through food,” said Martina, “so I decided it was time to follow my dreams and my passion for nutrition and I am now a certified holistic health coach.”

Martina Avanzini MartinaturallyBut what does that mean? “I will show you that you can enjoy a delicious brownie made only with clean natural ingredients that are good for you. I will help you reach your ideal body weight, be in tune with it, feel great and have more energy… I am here to be your personal health ally.” Explained Martina.

Martina’s services range from health coaching one on one; healthy pantry makeover; recipes to enjoy for you and your family; delicious guilt-free desserts and snacks that will be  for sale.. and more!

For all the ladies participating in the Café de la Leche, Martinaturally will be offering a free initial consultation to discuss your health and life goals. It is a great opportunity to see what it would be to have more support in your life and also to get a taste of the Martinaturally health coaching program.

A Martinaturally website is coming soon, but for now you can follow Martinaturally on Instagram: @martinaturally 

These images give you an idea of what Martinaturally does: 

Boutique de Bordado

Boutique de Bordado

Boutique de Bordado is a personalised embroidery service based here in Casa de Campo and La Romana.

“Boutique de Bordado provides the highest quality and variety of embroidery services in the eastern region of Dominican Republic,” said Jorien van der Meij and Viktorija Seijas, when describing what they do. We embroider everything. Whether you want to personalize your house or boat details, you are looking for a personalized gift or you need to have your company’s shirts embroidered for your employees – we will do it for you. We also help the client to choose the designs, fonts of letters and colors.”

[email protected]
Viktorija Seijas, (809) 223-6253
Jorien van der Meij, (849) 201-0073

Boutique de Bordado now has a workshop open in La Romana:
Calle Dr. Gonzalvo 13, La Romana (building Casa Cambio Quezada)

Click here to read our interview with Viktorija Seijas and Martina Avanzini about Boutique de Bordado!

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