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The Fundación MIR achieved a momentous milestone on Saturday, August 12th, as it hosted the highly anticipated annual event, Family Day 2023. Taking place at Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas, the event witnessed a remarkable convergence of families and philanthropic endeavors, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds in a purposeful and joyous celebration.

While offering an ideal retreat for families over the weekend, Family Day 2023 achieved its primary objective again, successfully marshaling resources to foster the well-being of more than 2,400 families residing within the La Romana community.

The day commenced amidst the sprawling green landscapes, with participants eagerly engaging in spirited activities including a golf tournament, paddle tennis matches, and a tennis clinic tailored for children.

As the day transitioned into the evening, attendees gathered for dinner and an awards ceremony with Laura De La Nuez as mistress of ceremonies and Mr. Alvaro Silva handing out the awards to the winners. The musical ambiance was skillfully curated by Sergio Pierret, complemented by the dazzling audiovisual production helmed by Nelson García Fortuna.

True to tradition, a beautiful performance by the young girls and boys of Fundación MIR graced the occasion, directed by alumnus and music maestro Felix Cruz Santana. This heartfelt tradition added a memorable touch to the evening’s proceedings.

The evening’s program also featured remarks from Señora Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, the president and founder of Fundación MIR. Her words were laden with genuine gratitude, recognizing the collective efforts propelling the foundation’s mission forward. She emphasized, “You all are integral to the fabric of Fundación MIR. Our accomplishments stand as a testament to your unwavering belief in our cause,” extending an invitation for all to experience the fruits of their labor by visiting the foundation’s educational institutions.

Fundación MIR extends its profound gratitude to its esteemed sponsors and collaborators for their unwavering support in cultivating the growth of young professionals poised to integrate into society seamlessly. These invaluable contributors include Banco Popular, Central Romana Corporation, Costasur Dominicana, Hotel Casa de Campo, Costafarms, Grupo Martí, ARS SIMAG, Baptist Health Hospital, KPMG, Vimenca, Fundación Farach, Seguros Reservas, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Grupo Humano, Gatorade, Catador, Cigar Country, Café Santo Domingo, Ron Barceló, Bacardí Dominicana, Cinco Gelato, United Brands, Club Car, Helados Holis, Coca-Cola, Medios SILGON, Golfistas Dominicanos, Casa Brugal, El Catador, and Jardines del Caribe.

Find below a gallery of photos captured by Mairobi Herrera during the 2023 Fundación MIR Family Day: