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As part of the 2023 Fundación MIR Family Day for Life, Casa de Campo’s youth visited La Romana Country Club on the morning of August 12 to work with the tennis department’s dedicated instructors on their techniques.

Many players returned from last year’s clinic and we’re happy they continue to love the game. Tennis is undoubtedly one of those lifetime sports that attract people of all ages, and if learned properly, it can be an activity carried into one’s 80s.

Children improved their hand-eye coordination, correctly holding the racquet, connecting with the ball at the right time, and even a bit of topspin. Serving is always an important area of focus that is given due attention, as is tennis etiquette.

Girls and boys competed in brief matches and displayed excellent sportsmanship by shaking hands afterward.

It was a fantastic Saturday morning activity for the kids to participate in allowing them to be a part of this pivotal fundraising event committed to providing education and other necessities to children and families in need in the local La Romana area.

See more pictures in the gallery below taken by Mairobi Herrera on Saturday, August 20th at the Fundación MIR Family Day for Life tennis clinics: