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FRESH FRESH opens… & it’s SO much better than I imagined!

FRESH FRESH Café Altos de Chavon

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FRESH FRESH Café Altos de ChavonI’m in love! I don’t know what I really expected from FRESH FRESH Café Chavón… but the reality is so much better than you could possibly have imagined. Our office is in Altos de Chavón (above La Piazzetta if you fancy popping by to say hi), and so having just called into FRESH FRESH for the first time, I can already tell you I’ll be back – quiet possibly everyday.

So what IS FRESH FRESH Café Chavón?

FRESH FRESH Café Altos de ChavonQuiet simply, FRESH FRESH is a smoothie bar / café – a place where the entire Casa de Campo community can hang out and enjoy a healthy smoothie. They also serve coffee, hot chocolate and tea, and in the future (hopefully from Feb. 15th) they will also be offering healthy food options – so it’ll be a place you can enjoy breakfast lunch or dinner too.

FRESH FRESH Café Chavón is a joint venture between Xioma Ménendez, who is also the president of the Hogar del Niño (we hope you saved the date for their upcoming fundraising weekend – Feb.13 and 14, click here for details), as well as a custom home specialist for Las Pailas real estate project in the Barranca neighborhood of Casa de Campo (click here for details), and Giancarlo La Hoz.

Click here to read our interview with Xioma Menéndez giving us an insight into what is FRESH FRESH Café Chavón. 


1. All Natural

Unlike many smoothie bars, the ingredients used at FRESH FRESH Café are actually natural – not the fake kind of “natural” we are often duped into believing is good for us. The smoothies are freshly made from fruits, vegetables and sometimes other yummy nutritious ingredients like Chia seeds, berries, and coconut oil, and those that use an additional juice use FRESH, sugar-free juice – not the kind that comes from a carton. Oh and if your smoothie needs a little added sweetness? No problem, FRESH FRESH will be quiet happy to add honey, not sugar.

FRESH FRESH Café Altos de Chavon

FRESH FRESH Café Altos de Chavon2. Great and fair prices 

Smoothies made from all local ingredients are just RD$100 (approx. US$2), while smoothies with imported ingredients are RD$170 (approx. US$3.50). Or if you would like the larger 16oz size they’re RD$125 and RD$220. “Boosters” (chia seeds, moringa powder, cacao, hemp etc) are priced at just RD$50 / RD$100, depending on what you want.

3. It’s funky! 

FRESH FRESH Café Chavón has a really cool, funky vibe. It’s a place you’ll want to hang out with your friends – and it’s already proving very popular with an after-school crowd of youngsters, as well as mums and their children, and numerous members of the community already swinging by for a delicious and healthy smoothie!

Check it out for yourself: 


Where: Altos de Chavón. You’ll find FRESH FRESH almost opposite The Club restaurant and the Jenny Polanco Project, in the area behind El Mercadito and near to The Gallery

Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm
(sometimes they will stay open later when there are a lot of people or for special events etc.)

Tel: (809) 523-8958

Check out their menu: 

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