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*UPDATE: MORE PHOTOS!* Ending on a high note: “Flavors of the World” brings Portugal to Casa de Campo for its ultimate event of 2016

Flavors of the World Portugal

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*See the entirely new galleries of photos below!* “Flavors of the World” ended their gastronomy series with a trip to Portugal last Friday and Saturday evening. The Beach Club by Le Cirque at Minitas in Casa de Campo beckoned diners in with warm lighting, sweet tunes, and pink orchids on every table. The event, which featured Vitor Matos from Antiqvvm restaurant in Porto, gave guests a sampling of the chef’s finest dishes.


Portuguese food includes the best of the Mediterranean, often serving balanced diets of fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and delicious sweets. This edition of “Flavors of the World” offered up cured hams, pancetta, morcilla, cod fish, salmon, and foie gras. Each dish paired excellently with its own wine accompaniment, and the evening finished on a delightfully smooth note with mandarin, chinola, pistachio, hazelnut, and lemon pudding.


Since its beginning in March of this year, “Flavors of the World” has been a highlight in Casa de Campo offering fine-dining options where internationally-renowned chefs work alongside the resort’s creative culinary team, led by Executive Chef Anthony Masas. With the opportunity to try a variety of cuisine from around the globe, “Flavors of the World” has made an impression on residents and visitors, with more and more turning up for the weekend dinners and Sunday brunches. We look forward to the events’ continued success, and anxiously await its return in 2017!!

Flavors of the World Portugal

The following pictures were taken by Dariana Soriano on Saturday, December 3rd for “Flavors of the World: Portugal” dinner:

and by Mairobi Herrera on Saturday, December 3rd for “Flavors of the World: Portugal” dinner:

December 4th “Flavors of the World: Portugal” Sunday brunch pictures by Mariana Heredia:

Dinner plates pictures by Armando Larrauri:

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