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“Flavors by Casa de Campo” monthly events are a reminder to meet around the table with friends and family and enjoy great cuisine. The ingenious presentation of dishes, exquisite flavors, and the introduction to new experiences are something we should all have the opportunity to appreciate and discover. The series of culinary events continues with Fire where we consider the gastronomy of our prehistoric ancestors.

“400 thousand years ago, the Homo Erectus learned to manage fire and the history of mankind changed forever. Some anthropologists say that when cooking became more digestible food and that since then the body needed less energy to process them. This saving produced the surplus necessary for brain development. In the same way, since not so much force was required in the act of chewing, both the jaw and the muscle assembly that made it move were reduced, favoring cranial growth, which facilitated the increase of intellectual abilities. In other words, the kitchen made man an intelligent being. “

Faced with this crucial theory, in this months Flavors edition we wonder if it is possible that the Homo Erectus, with just a campfire, was able to make haute cuisine. Flavors Fire is power, evolution, and magic, where a bonfire becomes the protagonist.

This year Flavors by Casa de Campo is much more than an encounter with haute cuisine or internationally renowned chefs. The skills acquired and the talent developed in house has led “Flavors” events to take a step forward, to become even more special, more surprising. Our Culinary Director Anthony Masas has prepared two delicious, and very special dinners, this is one that you will not want to miss!

Fire will be on August 2 and 3 at Minitas Beach Club. Make sure to call to reserve! Join us for another amazing gastronomic experience!