Fall Vegetables

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Fall Vegetables

Since fall is in full swing and we’ve already covered how amazing the fall apple is there’s no better time to take a look at a few more of my favorite fall vegetables and some simple tips to make them easy to incorporate into your diet.

Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of vitamin A and a surprising source of iron. This starchy, vitamin rich, vegetable is delicious and more versatile than you might imagine. They can be roasted with olive oil, garlic and sea salt to create a delicious sweet and savory dish which happens to make a delicious breakfast when topped with an egg, or you can mash them with some coconut oil and maple syrup for a delicious dessert.

Brussels sprouts are an often-overlooked vegetable and are usually passed up. They happen to be one of my daughters’ favorites thanks to the flavors that come out when you roast it in the same way you would roast squash! Another great way to prepare them is to prepare some bacon and then sauté the Brussels sprouts in a little bit of the bacon grease and mix it all together with a tiny bit of Dijon mustard for a rich, creamy taste. If you’re looking for a lighter version, try shredding raw Brussels sprouts and tossing in homemade citrusy vinaigrette and letting it marinate for a few hours before enjoying.

Mashed cauliflower is the perfect alternative to mashed potatoes! All you have to do is steam it and then toss it into a food processor with a touch of butter and sea salt – you can add some broth or cream if you need some liquid. Another great use it to puree it into a creamy sauce, add some Parmesan cheese and toss it with some pasta.

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