Hosted by Casa de Campo’s sanctuary of wellness, The Cygalle Healing Spa, this months’ Cafe de La Leche was undoubtedly a whimsical affair.  A true “Summer Garden Party” with a harmonious decor that blended in with the natural setting of the Spa’s Zen Style Garden. Over 50 attendees from Casa de Campo and La Romana, as well as some guests from Santo Domingo, gathered to enjoy a beautiful afternoon, some refreshments, complimentary massages and incredibly delicious h’ordeourves. Seating areas were allocated through out the entire garden to provide that intimate indoor/outdoor ambiance ever presence when Dedon pieces are your choice of garden furniture. Adorned by Emilio Robba’s fanciful centerpieces, this event paid homage the environment. I personally fell in love with the daybeds, Mayra Gonzalez’ distribution of the spaces allowed everyone to feel comfortable and the bamboo tent that served as cover for the buffet table really set an earthy but cheeky vibe. Since it was a warm afternoon the water bar made a note-worthy space, it was packed with sparkling, fresh and bottled water as well as the tastiest add’ons to mix for a cooling drink. Cucumber slices, mint leaves, lemon splashes and flavored iced cubes, as well as a full juice bar were set up to entice everyone to stay fresh and healthy. The buffet and dessert tables served as setting for the yummiest recipes prepared by the Casa de Campo team. Some of these created specially for this event by Jacqueline Banks of JBholistic, like the stuffed mushrooms and the finger size wraps of  ham and cream cheese were incredibly exquisite. The Cygalle Healing Spa’s elite, highly skilled staff was there to treat everyone to complimentary massages, goodie bags and raffled out treatments and some of their world famous organic products. Pilar Rosario, the Spa Manager was hands down an excellent host, personally handing out the raffle numbers, calling out the winners and welcoming everyone to the event. “My spa’s philosophy is that outward beauty emerges from within, and nothing is more beautiful then helping others,” stated Cygalle Dias, Founder of Cygalle Healing Spa. “I feel fortunate that Cygalle Healing Spa is hosting Café de la Leche, and that we get to support the generous Casa de Campo villa members involved in the charity. Programs like the ones Hogar del Niño offers  make a great difference in the lives of the children of La Romana.” Through this venue the Cafe de La Leche, was able to collect a generous quantity of the desired products, which means a tremendous amount of children will be receiving the benefits of this event. At the same time the new website for Hogar del Niño ( donated by Silgon Inc was presented to the Cafe de La Leche Club. We have taken a look and our time to browse it and we really loved its simple and cutesy design. A clean and colorful design was been implemented to call the readers attention, at the same time a simple navigation allows you to browse through the website with ease. We noted that each one of Hogar del Niño’s programs has a page on the website. Also one of the most important features that this website provides, is the ability to process donations, forms have been placed in the pertaining sections to provide a fast and easy way for online visitors to sponsor any of the programs. In the near future, users will be able to complete these transactions directly from the web with the use of a credit card. Created in September of 2001, the purpose of each Café de la Leche is to collect milk, cereals and formulas for the children of Hogar del Niño’s Crib Room. Over 200 infants are cared for each day at the crib room, from newborn to two years old and these gatherings contribute with 40% of their monthly consumption. This is more than 300 bottles of milk daily, thanks to all the people that participate every month in this activity. If you would like to participate in future events, please remember that they take place on the first Friday of every month. The location of the event is also subject to change, though to keep up-to-date, please check back here for updates, or contact Alessandra Avanzini 809-523-2659 or the main offices of PBO (Hogar del Niño) at 809-523-8901; we hope to see you there next month!