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Community Detox: A Life-Changing Experience

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Earlier this month we joined forces with a group of community members that, led by Kyra Montagu and the Casa de Campo Spa, embarked on a week-long detox for a healthier and happier life. While some people stuck with  a “light” detox consisting of attending yoga classes, juicing and/or healthier eating, others (myself included!) went all into an ultimate detox to renew, revitalize and glow. Regardless of how intense the detox, we all came together to reset our systems and most importantly, have fun.

The full detox plan consisted of a week-long juicing program, yoga & meditation, incredible spa treatments, healthy eating and community events such as a mud cleanse and bonfire dinner.  Read more about the detox schedule HERE! While it was certainly not the easiest routine to stick to, it was unequivocally worthwhile and truly rejuvenating.

I can go on and on raving about how incredible the whole experience was, but will keep it simple by sharing my Top 5 reasons why the Community Detox was Life Changing:

1. Finding the yogi in me

I try not to miss yoga at Minitas Beach every Saturday at 9:00am. It’s just a wonderful way to get the weekend going and not too early to sacrifice some much-looked-forward-to ZZZ’s. But to wake up early for yoga at 7:00 or 8:00am every day? … most of the times I prefer to imagine I’m doing downward dog in my sleep. During the Community Detox Week I sucked it up and woke up for yoga in the mornings. Whether it was the combination of stepping onto Minitas Beach first thing in the mornings or the energy that I had all day as a result, morning yoga was amazing all week and I’m ready to keep it going.


2. I learned to meditate…sort of

The daily yoga sessions were an hour and a half long, allowing 30 minutes of guided meditation each day. Having never meditated before, trying to clear your mind of worries and thoughts for 30 minutes each morning was a challenge to say the least. While, for the most part, I found myself thinking of the the tasks and meetings scheduled for the day, I loved how invigorating the brief moments of thoughtlessness felt. Such a simple pleasure!


3. New juicing fan

I’m a foodie. I like yummy food. So when Thursday – Juicing Day, came around, I must say I was a bit concerned. Was I going to feel hungry all day? Were 5 natural juices enough to keep one going all day? Well friends, juicing day was my favorite! Not only did I NOT starve all day, but I didn’t even need to finish my 5th and final juice of the day! In addition to the juices being delicious, I felt incredibly light and energized. I invite you to read our article on juicing with Ki-Ra through the Casa de Campo Spa (Click here to read more about juicing craze in Casa) and consider a 1-day juicing detox (they even deliver to your house!!!), it’s a delicious and simple way to reboot your system.


4. I Love the Spa

Imagine getting Spa treatments EVERY – DAY for a week. Walking into the Spa and being greeted by the lovely Spa Concierge before getting a massage or spending time at the Water Sanctuary (MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE IN CASA! – Click here to read more) was my highlight of the day without a doubt. The treatments were not just about being pampered as they were specifically designed to stimulate the circulatory system and get the lymph system flowing. The health benefits were evident for me, as I noticed some of my ongoing ailments subside. Remember that the Spa has a 40% discount for villa owners through the month of September!


5. Great time with new friends

The Community Detox was indeed that… an opportunity to detox while bonding with other community members. I am so ecstatic about having been able to mingle and make new friends in Casa. The community mud cleanse at Minitas Beach was incredibly fun and the bonfire at Ki-Ra was a fantastic way to wrap the week’s experience. After a short boat trip to Ki-Ra Holistic Living Centre, we enjoyed great conversations, delicious food and good wine (detox for the soul!) by the bonfire under the new moon.


The Community Detox way was a fantastic way to reboot body, mind and soul. The experience was all possible thanks to the Casa de Campo Spa, Kyra Montagu (the engine behind Ki-Ra Holistic Living), and Donatella Dalla Vedova – Spa Manager, who are constantly looking for ways in which the community can come together for Health and Wellness. THANK YOU for making this experience a memorable one. We can’t wait to be part of the next Community Health and Wellness event and hope you are all able to join us as well.

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