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The Casa de Campo community feels more than proud to be a part of all the achievements and international recognitions that have been bestowed upon our beloved Casa de Campo resort over the years. And now having only just been awarded “Best Golf Resort” by Travel Weekly, we have just received the news that Quest magazine has highlighted the Shooting Center at Casa de Campo as one of the most complete worldwide. The article not only highlights the wonderful facilities of the Casa de Campo Shooting Center, but also praises the Casa de Campo resorts impressive polo, golf and tennis facilities “The shooting is as competitive as it is fun, but unlike Spain (or England or Scotland), at Casa de Campo, you are also surrounded by a sportsman’s paradise of world-class golf, polo championship, sportfishing marina, a private yacht club, and a USTA tennis center.” Said Quest Magazine. Praise included such comments as “viewing the facilities I was very impressed. I could see that the Shooting Center had been designed by someone with an eye for detail,” and “Casa de Campo’s Shooting Center is the most comprehensive ground I have been to.”  But the part that impacted Quest Magazine the most, was Rancho Peligro, a 10,000 acre natural reserve – a breathtaking experience for all those who participated in the Casa de Campo Sugar Shooting Tournament, held from 22 to 26 April of the current year.

The shooting area at Rancho Peligro

Rancho Peligro, a private wilderness reserve owned by the Central Romana Corporation is where the Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and resort guests can go horseback riding, as well as participate in an exciting bird shoot of pheasants, partridges and mallards.The shooting area at Rancho Peligro, created by Shaun Snell and J. Pepe Fanjul, has six different drives, all planted with game crops that are located on the tops of the valleys to show the best birds possible. Below you’ll find the spreads of the Quest Magazine featuring the Shooting Center Casa de Campo:  Continuing with the achievements made, in recent days, the Garden & Gun magazine, a publication that covers all the magic of the South, life style, sports culture, food, music, art, literature, people, and ideas; placed the Sporting Clays fields of Casa de Campo, among the best in the world. In addition, if you want to know a little more of the Shooting Center Casa de Campo, recently we published an interview with Hermógenes Guerrero director of the Shooting Center, where you can have a closer view of these world class facilities. We can honestly say that it is no coincidence that Casa de Campo receives all these compliments, this is the result of years of hard work focused on excellent service… Thank you Casa de Campo for making us all feel increasingly proud!